Thursday, 9 June 2011

Katies adventures into dress making land part four

A few days ago, a friend of a friend kindly gave me a big bag of fabric.  One of the fabrics was quite a large piece of black and white stripey jersey, and I thought it would be perfect for attempting the top pattern, which I found in the charity shop in the Lake District last week.  So, on Monday, I optimistically cut out the pattern pieces and fabric and began sewing.  At the last stage, I realised my serious comprehension problem regarding pattern instructions.  I read them over and over again, and still had no idea what to do!  So, I decided to take it along to my dress making class, knowing that Janet would be able to tell me what to do at the drop of a hat!  

And here it is, in its almost complete state!

  • how to insert a zip (I watched a demonstration, which Janet made look incredibly easy!)
  • To pin or tack the center markings (it makes matching pieces together much easier)
  • sewing together the wrong part of the collar, making it impossible to join together until I unpicked it and tried again.
  • making a bit of a mess when sewing the facing under the arm holes (this just needs to be hand stitched to neaten it up)
Not too many mistakes made yesterday, I even pinned the facing to the top correctly all by myself!  The bottom of the top needs to be over locked and then hemmed, and then it's done!  I really love the pattern, I want to buy some more fabric and make another one!  This could turn out to be a classic :)

I had hoped to start my shift dress tonight, but again I was far too optimistic!  If I get time this weekend, I might try to begin it myself at home (if I feel brave enough!)  Here is a little snap of the fabric that I will be using...

Now if only I didn't have to go to work and I could stay home all day and sew instead*sigh*....


  1. A dress making course sounds amazing!! I'd love to do something like that. I've just ordered a blouse pattern, but I think I'm highly underestimating my inability to read patterns - they're so complicated!! Love the fabric of your dress and the top looks great, good luck with it all!.

    Lou xx

  2. amazing. i have so many patterns around, i'll really have to start getting making! x

  3. Yay! Good work! Jersey isn't easy to sew, unless you have an overlocker (actually, it's still not that easy), so you've done incredibly well. Looking forward to seeing your dress...



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