Tuesday, 21 June 2011

Katies adventures in dress making land part six

I'm really glad I went along to the class last night, I really enjoyed it and feel that my dress is coming along really well!  I've noticed that I have become more patient with my sewing and not getting too angry at myself when I do things wrong (which is often!).  I think that it helps being away from the distractions of home, dedicating specific time for me to do something that I love, learning new skills and being around other sewers.  It's like a little support network!  It's really making me think that it would be so much fun to begin some sort of craft group.

Janet is really helpful and so nice!  She made me a little bow tonight for the top I made (to er, cover up the small mistake that I made!).  She was telling me about all the wedding dresses that she has made for people over the years, It would be so amazing to be that talented!

  • 5/8 = 1 1/2 cm, now I finally understand what Janet means when she tells me to tack 'five eighths in'.
  • To use Woolite or similar to hand wash the finished garment - dip into cold water, do not scrunch up, and leave to drip dry on a hanger.
  • To use pinking shears to trim the edges of the lining to make it look neater (Note to self - I really need to buy myself some of those).
  • Starting to attach my zip without changing the foot to a zipper foot.
  • Also, not changing the thread from white to red (it's ok though, it was the invisible bit so no one will ever know!)
  • Getting my thumb caught on the machine needle - ouch!
  • Cutting off the excess thread at the start of my sewing when attaching the zip, when I should have tied it first because it wasn't reverse stitched - I was being too enthusiastic!  I need to hand sew a couple of stitches over the top to make sure that it doesn't all come apart.
  • Not checking last weeks pinning of the back seam, this resulted in the two sides not matching up (the fabric must have slipped!), therefore lots of unpicking and doing again!
As promised, here are some photographs of how my dress is progressing!  I was unable to try it on because there are tons of pins holding it all together at the moment, and I didn't fancy being a pin cushion!


  1. This is lovely. SO cute. I'd love to be able to make my own clothes but so don't have the patience.

    C x

  2. Looking great. I think you are far more patient then me (and my mom who is teaching me) so the items I have made so far don't look so professional.



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