Wednesday, 21 December 2011

since you've been gone

Just another fleeting visit from me to let you know that the teacher training course has not entirely stolen my life!
I am still living back home with the 'rents, which means I have little space and have been living with only my essential belongings for the past four months.  Myself and Steve are hoping to be getting a new home (finally!) in the new year, so fingers crossed!
I have been trying to find some time to improve my sewing skills to help me with my teaching, so am in the process of making the 1940's jacket that you can see above.  I'm almost finished with just the floral lining to go.  I am considering buying some more fabric tomorrow to make the amazing trousers that accompany it and maybe make a floral dress too.
I'm back in Leicester now until Boxing Day.  Steve is at work and I should be getting on with writing lesson plans etc, but I cannot shake the urge to jump in my car and do the usual charity shop rounds! 
Anyway, wishing you all a Merry Christmas!  Keep your eyes peeled for more regular posts in the new year and new items in my Etsy shop :)

Saturday, 15 October 2011

I just called to say I love you

I thought I had better drop by, seeing as my last blog post was well over a month ago!  So my life has temporarily been stolen by teacher training, and not only do I not have time to blog much at the moment, but my blog posts would not particularly be in keeping with the regularities normally expected on What Katie Found! I have to say though, I am loving my course, despite the work load (I have found time to write this little post between some marking and lesson planning!)

So this gives me an opportunity to share my latest ABC adventures - I am still trying my very best to make time to attend these with my little wicker hampers of crafts!

 A few photographs from ABC in September...
Tomorrow night there is a very special ABC happening in Leicester in collaboration with Hatch (a Nottingham based group of creatives).  Part of the evening will include some guerrilla gardening, so excited!  All of my usual crafts will be for sale amongst other lovely things, such as vintage items and Steve's new zine :)

For more information on tomorrows event, view the Hatch website or the Facebook event page.

I will be back soon, I promise!

Sunday, 4 September 2011

he can call me a flower if he wants to

Dr Martens
ASOS (present from wonderful Steve)
H&M (via Oxfam)
I have been a big fan of florals for quite some time, but there does come a moment when you wonder if a healthy admiration of something borders on obsession!  I have acquired these three beauties in the last three days, would I look completely deranged if I wore all three together, or just simply 'totally cool and so 1990s'?

Do you have a clothing or pattern obsession?

Thursday, 1 September 2011

chocolate peanut butter torte

Yesterday I thought I would bake for the first time in a while.  While we were in Norfolk, we ate this AMAZING cake in a little cafe.  It was this sort of layered brownie, caramel, peanut butter thing and it blew my mind!  I never used to like peanut butter at all, but living with a peanut fiend for three years has swayed my taste buds.
I searched the internet for a recipe to duplicate this amazing cake, but couldn't quite find the right thing.  But then I came across this chocolate peanut butter torte recipe.  The recipe is from a blog called Annie's Eats, and once my torte was complete, I spent some time looking at her other creations.  The blog is great, full of sweet and savory recipes and photographs that make you salivate!  Definitely one to check out for all of you budding cooks out there.
The recipe involves Oreos, which form the base of the torte, somewhat like a cheesecake.  My first attempt ended in disaster after I had placed the base of my spring form tin in the wrong end of the circular part, resulting in a very Oreo-y kitchen floor.  So, it was off out again to buy replacement biscuits (and this was only step one!).
All in all though, the recipe was really easy, and pretty quick to make too - if you don't drop your ingredients like me!  Do remember to allow for chilling time though, at least 4 hours but preferably over night.
As you can see, it went down well amongst my friends :)

Wednesday, 31 August 2011

cake stands

I made tonnes of these cake stands about a year ago, sold a few to friends and at craft and vintage fairs, but today I unearthed these beauts while attempting to tidy up the house in preparation for inevitable house move.
So, they are looking for a new home.  Trouble is, I'm not sure how they will travel so not keen to post.  Collection from me in Leicester or Luton is ideal or I may be able to deliver.
Contact me if you are interested, and please tell all of your friends/colleagues/family etc!

Tuesday, 30 August 2011

pierrot clown

                                          Source: via Katie on Pinterest

I have loved Pierrot clowns since I was a little girl.  My older sister had some wallpaper in her bedroom when she was little in early 1980s, and I keep searching eBay and vintage shops for a roll for myself, but so far no luck!  I found this little trinket box for 50 pence at a car boot sale, the same one where my Dad found the 1960s dolls house.  One day, it shall sit on my vintage dressing table (which I am yet to actually own!)

Sunday, 28 August 2011


We decided to take an impromptu trip to Norfolk for a couple of days last week.  I called up a campsite and booked us in then off we went, car loaded with tent, food and cameras.  We stayed near Blakeney, a part of Norfolk that I had not yet visited.  It was really quaint and pretty, with a quay and lots of boats.  On our first afternoon there, we had a delicious cream tea, sandwiches, scones, cakes and tea - nom!  We ventured into Cromer, Sherringham, Morsten and Wells next the Sea during our stay - all of equal beauty.  I really love Norfolk, there are lots of nice places to eat, cute little cafes and interesting shops - and the sights are always awe inspiring.  Our campsite was nice, very small and basic but clean (very important!) and everyone was friendly.  It bucketed it down on Thursday night, but it was actually quite nice being all snuggled up in layers of blankets and listening to the rain - until the time came to take the tent down and pack everything away!  It was a really nice, relaxing break away - just what I needed.

Photographs courtesy of Steve Poxson, who also has a brand new blog showcasing his wide selection of vintage cameras - go and take a look!

Monday, 22 August 2011

hello, have we met?

So I made another dress - all by myself and with no big mistakes!  I even followed the pattern instructions for a change!  This dress was made using the same pattern as my red floral one.   What do you think of the fabric?  It's from Ikea, it's pretty crazy.  It has flowers, bananas, cocktails and er, lobsters on it!  I really love Ikea fabric, if you've never thought of looking before, I thoroughly recommend giving it a try.  I think that this dress pattern is slowly becoming a favourite.  I might try a plain version next time.
I might wear it tomorrow night, I'm going to see Jimmy Eat World (cue nostalgic sixteen year old gig excitement!).

Friday, 19 August 2011

little orange fille

 headband Little Fille
dress Cow Vintage (Nottingham)
flip flops Accessorize

Here I am, proudly wearing the wonderful Little Fille bow headband that I won in the Wallpaper Rose blog giveaway about a week ago.  (I also won a very pretty Wallpaper Rose necklace, but more on that very soon!)
This dress is the second and final item that I found on the sale rail at Cow, the first being the red skirt.  I was a bit worried that it was a tad too orange, but I am embracing it's citrus colour due to the sudden change of weather - it is pleasantly hot!  The dress was a bargain price of £5, and like the skirt, it fits really well.
I have nearly completed another dress, using the same pattern as I did here.  Inserting the sleeves was really trying my patience last night and this morning, but I did it! Hooray!  I need to take the dress in at the sides a couple of inches, make the belt and hem it, but then it will be finished - photographs to follow shortly!

Thursday, 18 August 2011

all the leaves are brown...


...or they may as well be, judging by the terrible August weather we're having here in the UK.  Today is so cold and it's been raining for a few hours.  I even woke up with a cold today!  
I am loving all of the Autumn/Winter clothes that are in shops at the moment, it's just a pity that I can't really buy anything at the moment!  Everything everywhere is shades or orange, brown, yellow and burgundy - my current favourites!  I'm very glad to be over my beige phase.

I know it may seem a bit depressing talking about the weather getting colder already, but Autumn is my favourite season, and I secretly can't wait to pull on some woolly tights, a big knitted cardigan and a cosy scarf :)

What's your favourite season?

Wednesday, 17 August 2011

what I wore

top Threadless
cardigan H&M
skirt Cow vintage (Nottingham)
sandals Primark

This skirt is one of my recent thrifty finds - it was on one of the many sale rails at Cow in Nottingham a few weeks ago, and was only £3!  I had almost given up hope rooting through what seemed like tonnes of unwearable garments, but this red and white skirt caught my eye.  It's a perfect fit too!  I am just struggling to find things to wear with it at the moment, I have too many brightly coloured, patterned (mainly floral) tops, and I have never really been able to pull off that whole 'clashing' look.


Yesterday, my Mum found a bag full of my old school reports, cards I had made for them, letters I had written and newspaper cuttings etc.  I loved riffling through it all, and there were some laughs shared based on the sheer wit of my writing circa 1995.  I remember that I really loved writing letters, I still do to be honest, but am just terrible at finding the time to do it.  
This school report from year two entertained me the most - especially the paragraph on my progress in History.  "...has showed interest in looking at photographs and objects from the past" and "she enjoys listening to stories about the past and can talk about old pictures and photographs".  I can't believe that at only 7 years old, I was already fascinated by days gone by!  Isn't it strange how your character can be so apparent when you are so young?
All these things made me smile, I'm so glad that my parents have kept them all this time, they're wonderful :)

Tuesday, 16 August 2011

what katie's dad found

We have just returned home - we've been visiting my family in Bedfordshire for the past few days.  On Sunday, I was eager to get myself to a car boot sale, and my parents decided to come along too - they love a bargain as much, if not more than me.  Myself and Steve lost my parents in the first row of stalls, and I said that I bet my Dad would have brought something completely random!  This 1960's doll house bypassed my beady eye and was snapped up by my Dad for £1.  Little did my Dad know, but I have wanted one of these for a few months now.  I have seen a few at previous car boots for between £15 - £20, and logic has played its part - I have no room and no children and am definitely not in a position to buy things that are unnecessary!  But £1?  How could you say no?  It's just amazing.  My Dad, being so lovely, said that I could have it, so the doll house is now mine :)
(although currently in storage in their shed...)

I also found myself a few vintage dresses at the same car boot sale, some need a little altering, but I will be sharing those with you very soon!

Friday, 12 August 2011

Peter Pan collars

There are now some brand new Peter Pan collars in my etsy shop
£8.00 each.


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