Wednesday, 31 August 2011

cake stands

I made tonnes of these cake stands about a year ago, sold a few to friends and at craft and vintage fairs, but today I unearthed these beauts while attempting to tidy up the house in preparation for inevitable house move.
So, they are looking for a new home.  Trouble is, I'm not sure how they will travel so not keen to post.  Collection from me in Leicester or Luton is ideal or I may be able to deliver.
Contact me if you are interested, and please tell all of your friends/colleagues/family etc!


  1. I'd love the first two Katie! I can pick them up next time I'm/your in luton? Or you could drop them at my mums when you're next there? I could paypal you :D xx

  2. what a great idea, they are lovely x

  3. These are very pretty, they would look great to display things at a craft fair :)
    I will have a little think about these, they are very tempting...

  4. Oh I love them! So beautiful!



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