Sunday, 29 November 2009

Sunday afternoon bag making

I spent this afternoon making myself some new bags! The fabric for the top one came from Ikea - they have some really beautiful fabrics and they are very reasonably priced too! I must add that I did add the 'tweet, tweet" speech bubble, however slightly regretting that particular customising decision now...
The second is made from two old pillowcases, the first for the main section of the bag and the second for the handles and the pocket on the front. I cut the image of the dog from an old tea towel, entitled 'Favourite Dogs'.

Saturday, 21 November 2009

bunting for my Mum

My Mum mentioned a while ago that she liked the bunting I had made before (for the Bathing Beauties Festival in Maplethorpe and the reverse appliqued ones that I made for my nieces), so I decided to make her some for her summer house in the garden (obviously won't be suitable to hang up for a few more months though!) I made it from old pillowcases and ribbon.

Thursday, 19 November 2009

vintage hat

Found: Dolly Mixture, Leicester

I brought this hat at the beginning of the summer, is yet to be worn in public though! It is made by Kangol, if I am correct I believe that there was a Kangol factory in my hometown when I was little! I love the netted detail and the beautiful large bow on the back.

Practical Craft Projects Book

Found: Oxfam, Oadby, Leicestershire

I went into Oxfam after work today, and the elderly lady now recognises me... does this make me cool? I believe so.
This book is full of lots and lots of craft projects, some amazing, and some just plain odd, but either way inspiring.
I love the knitted 'beastie hat' - have been looking for one like this for ages. This is a very good reason for me to learn how to knit.


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