Wednesday, 17 August 2011


Yesterday, my Mum found a bag full of my old school reports, cards I had made for them, letters I had written and newspaper cuttings etc.  I loved riffling through it all, and there were some laughs shared based on the sheer wit of my writing circa 1995.  I remember that I really loved writing letters, I still do to be honest, but am just terrible at finding the time to do it.  
This school report from year two entertained me the most - especially the paragraph on my progress in History.  "...has showed interest in looking at photographs and objects from the past" and "she enjoys listening to stories about the past and can talk about old pictures and photographs".  I can't believe that at only 7 years old, I was already fascinated by days gone by!  Isn't it strange how your character can be so apparent when you are so young?
All these things made me smile, I'm so glad that my parents have kept them all this time, they're wonderful :)

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  1. I have kept all mine too. My favourite was a book from year 2 where I was given a bean plant to look after and I wrote about it and drew a pic of it every day. The last page I simply wrote. "my bean died' and there was a picture of a wilted bean. It makes me laugh everytime I look at it. I'm still rubbish at gardening!



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