Saturday, 6 August 2011

alternative bar crawl (august)

I was so exited to hear that ABC (the alternative bar crawl) was returning to Leicester after a few months off.  As you may already be aware from previous posts about the event, I always have an amazingly, brilliant time!  If you are Leicester based, or East Midlands based, you should most definitely try to make it to the next one (which I hear will be in October).

Last night was no exception, and rated highly on the fun scale - this might have something to do with the cider I drank, although I think it was mainly due to fantastic company, brilliant music, wonderful artwork and yummy food and cakes.  

We started out this 'art themed' ABC at LCB Depot in Leicester City Centre, where I had my first stall in which seems like ages!  The ABC event coincided with the opening of the wonderful photographer Helen Saunders' exhibition, I'm not sure how long her work is being displayed, but pop by if you can!  There was also a 'Pub Quiz' led by artist Yara El-Sharbini, which I may add, Steve and our friends won!  Myself and my friend Ivona manned my stall so were away from the main quiz action, but ready to be called upon should they need our wisdom :)  We won some gift vouchers for the New Walk Museum gift shop, which I was very excited about!  Not really sure what you can purchase besides rulers, pens and postcards, but the free shopping experience will be superb none the less!

We then convoyed to Phoenix Square, where the launch of the Leicester Fringe Festival was taking place.  We watched some great bands play, socialised and ate some food - I had a mozzarella, tomato and pesto panini and chips, nom. 

Last port of call was The Great Central gallery for the launch of another art exhibition and more live music.  Ivona and her boyfriend Dean were there selling some of their delicious cakes too, nom once again.  

Is this art? (four staples in the wall)
This bugged me for ages.  Having done a Fine Art degree where you are taught that you must take into account everything within a space when viewing an artwork.  After much discussion, we decided that it had to be art.
What do you think?
So once again, I had an amazing evening, lots of interesting conversations with lovely people.  It is so good to be so immersed in such a creative atmosphere.

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  1. Wow......the presentation and the prices are just amazing. I would have bought lots if I was there.



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