Tuesday, 14 June 2011

my vegan week part 2

Day two

Seeing as yesterday I was surprisingly full up all day, I decided on smaller meals for breakfast and lunch today.  I used unsweetened soya milk in my porridge, and didn't really like it as much as the vanilla flavoured one (even though that was quite sweet).  It has been suggested that I try rice milk instead, so I will be putting that on my next shopping list!  The idea of being vegan on weekdays was also suggested to me, which I think is a very promising idea.  I do currently have a bit of a craving for macaroni cheese though (here come the cheese cravings!), but I am, once again, full up after a big dinner.

Bowl of porridge made with unsweetened soya milk and topped with linseed, and a glass of water.

A mug of peppermint tea when I arrived at work.

A tomato at break (I know, it sounds odd, but that was the childrens' snack at playtime today!).

Leftover spicy lentil casserole (I only ate half, really not much of a fan), soya yogurt, apple, banana and a bottle of water.

spicy lentil casserole

A homemade banana muffin and a glass of water on returning from work.

Vegetable korma (cauliflower, carrot, red and yellow peppers, tomatoes and white onion).
I made the curry using a korma curry paste and coconut milk.

 vegetable korma

I did prefer the curry tonight as opposed to last nights casserole, but I am finding these vegan dinners a struggle. We normally eat a lot of curries too, so it's probably all psychological!  I have been kindly lent lots of cook books from various friends, so I am going to have a look through some later to try to discover some tastier things to eat!  I might see if I can find another lentil casserole with perhaps tomatoes, chilli and peppers in it, in my head, this would be tasty!


  1. well done so far!
    you can totally make your own macaroni cheese!
    There are so many great sites you can get recipes off!
    Here's a link to a post I did on cooking blogs. I've listed all the links http://dreamsarenecessary.blogspot.com/2011/02/new-years-plans-be-better-cook.html

    P.s. if you are going to buy a vegan cheese, I recommend cheezly

  2. Hi !!
    Well done so far!!
    About the rice milk....I tried it a couple of months ago when I was back home (in Italy)and I found it delicious, is really good and aslo very sweet without having any sugar in it, I also had it as a drink in a normal glass fresh from the fridge, yummy :D
    I think you should really try it, I personally loved it and I cannot say the same about the soya milk that is not so rich in flavour like the rice one.
    Have a nice day!!

  3. I find the soya milk from Tesco's the nicest, it's on the shelf not in the fridge.

  4. Well done you!

    I found this recipe for your cheese craving, it looks good.

    Barrina x

  5. Hi Katie! My soya milk of choice is soya soleil unsweetened or waitrose own brand unsweetened, they're fairly undetectable - no horrid beany taste so really good with cereals and in tea - just tastes like normal milk in tea and the alpro soya milk is better for coffee as its more substantial and like cream so doesn't separate. Or you could try oat milk - i like this better than rice milk.
    As for savoury food you can pretty much make anything you would usually, its just a question of substituting. Alpro vegan cream is really good and for butter just use a vegan margarine, i use pure soya spread or pure sunflower spread. Cheese is the only difficulty because nothing is quite like it! But in things like lasagne if you scramble some tofu its quite good. If you know your spices you can use them to give things flavour to be more like the real thing, like turmeric or paprika on roast potatoes. My golden rule is that there is a substitute for everything with some imagination and the internet to help! Did you get my cake email by the way? Clare xx



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