Thursday, 23 June 2011

Katies adventures in dress making land part seven

Above are a few detailed photographs of how my dress is looking so far :)  I arrived at the class really early yesterday, even before the tutor! I'm like the class nerd! I hand stitched the bottom of my zip which needed reinforcing and tacked the neckline before starting on slip stitching the zip to the lining.  Janet started this off, and it looked so beautifully neat, this worried me!  I have to say though, I am so proud of myself and my slip stitching skills - I think I have done really rather well (see photograph three above).  I also attached the neck facing, amazingly the facing fit the neckline perfectly with no need for alteration.  I am truly amazed at how well this dress making is going so far!  Just a few more stages to go; attaching sleeves and hemming the bottom of the dress and the lining.  Oh, and making a belt!  I really hope that it looks good once it's all finished, I'm so excited about potentially wearing it!

  • How to use slip stitch to neatly hand sew the zip to the lining material.
  • Sewing a few mms in from the edge of the neckline, along the facing, helps to keep the facing from coming out onto the outside of the dress.
  • Overlapping a small section of the fabric of the neckline when sewing on the neck facing, having to unpick a few stitches and re-sew.
Here are a few more photographs of how the dress looks on, I'm a bit worried that it is too loose around the waist, and that maybe I should have sewn darts at the front.  Hopefully the belt that I am going to make will make it look more fitted.


  1. It looks great! I used to hate slip stitching when i was making my final textiles project, seemed to take forever! x

  2. How clever you are! I'm terrified of sewing machines after 4 years of Textiles classes with a formidable teacher... And we only ever made tote bags. This, however, is ace! Well done you :)

    Hello, Sweetie

  3. Big kudos to you! Sewing is not something I could to save my life!

  4. Absolutely love the fabric Katie! It's all looking great and you make it sound so easy. Where is your dressmaking course? I've been looking for one in Leicester but not having much luck :(



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