Friday, 10 June 2011

Laura Ashley

There is a branch of Oxfam which I used to be in practically every day (when I worked in the area of Leicester that it is located), but I rarely get a chance to have a browse anymore.  However, a few days ago I thought I would pop in as I was on my way to the post office (to post some What Katie Found sales - yippee!)  And what did I find?  This cute Laura Ashley top for a mere £2.99! 
I love that it's polka dot, and I love the button fastenings on either side.  I think that it would look a lot better worn with some high waisted trousers or a skirt though, annoyingly, I have neither of these.
I brought another Laura Ashley item when I was in Luton last weekend visiting my family, a purple corduroy dress (again with button fastenings at the side and at the shoulders) for £4.  I had a little chat with the elderly lady working there about how I much prefer the old Laura Ashley prints and designs compared to modern ones.  I'd almost forgotten that I had even purchased it, so I will have to get some photographs of that soon to share with you all! 
I seem to have developed a skill for hunting out vintage Laura Ashley items recently, not a bad skill to have acquired if you ask me!


  1. Haha that definitely is not a bad skill! And for such a bargain too, its absolutely beautiful and looks great on you, the button fastenings are gorgeous

  2. ooooh lovely!
    I bought a old Laura Ashley book in Oxfam last week and it tells you how to decorate your home and how to hang wallpaper etc, it's fab

  3. I think it the same with the old Marks and Spencer clothes (St. Michael). I wouldn't be able to find a single thing to buy in Marks and Spencer if I went in there today but 95% of my wardrobe is St. Michael that I've got from charity shops.


  4. I love vintage laura ashley stuff! Not that I own any... I never find anything in my size :( I love the button details on it too.



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