Sunday, 5 June 2011

the first car boot of 2011...

I have been going to car boot sales regularly for the past couple of months, since the farmers opened up their fields to be filled with second hand treasures, but today was our first selling experience of 2011.  We picked today thinking that it was going to be a super hot day like it was on Friday and Saturday, but because of the wind, it was quite cold :( (but at least I didn't get sun burnt again!)
We did really quite well by the time we packed up at about 12:30, and we still have about five boxes worth of stuff for another one!  A nice bit of money for our rainy day fund :)
Of course, being at a car boot sale for six hours meant that I couldn't possibly resist having a look around myself!  
Here's what I found today...
 flower lotto game (in excellent condition)
sugar and flour shakers
a little fawn

I also brought two dresses, a plaid one from my friend Ivona for £1, and a mustard coloured one for £2 (both from H&M).  I saw some amazing 1970s dining room chairs today too - I can't wait until I live in a house that we can fit a dining table in!  I'm watching Come Dine With Me at the moment, and day dreaming about the day that I can host dinner parties for my friends and family, I love being a hostess :)

I hope that you've all had a splendid weekend?  Did you come across any thrifty finds?


  1. i love the flower lotto you bought, it's beautiful. the illustrations are lovely.

    will you be keeping and using it how it is or will you be creating pieces from it?


  2. You have got some great finds here :) I hope to go to car boot sales a bit more often soon.

  3. LOVE the fawn!! such a nice find : )

  4. The little fawn is super cute! :)

    I need to find some car boots near me (and a car...!) want to do some selling and rummaging for treasure! ;)

    Clare x

  5. What great finds! I am planning to go to my first car boot sale in 2 weeks time - I think we are going to give croft a go. Fingers crossed for dry weather!

  6. Nice finds. I am particularly admiring that Flower Lotto game - how cute!

  7. i LOVE the sugar and flour shakers so much! and i used to have a similar lotto game, except it was with animals :) x

  8. Such precious items! Those flower lotto cards are super cute. I'm so jealous of your car boot adventures!



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