Tuesday, 14 June 2011

Katies (additional) adventures in dress making land

Janet, my dress making tutor, runs a course on Mondays as well as the Wednesday session that I attend.  As it is nearing the end of term, she has allowed the classes to come to either or both sessions, which is great!  So now, I will be doubling up on sewing time when I can!

I went along tonight (in the top I made!  I will get some photographs posted very soon, I'm so proud of myself!).  I decided to begin making the dress which I have had the pattern pieces cut out for for a while.  It was a pretty productive class, I managed to over lock everything I needed to, attach interfacing to the facings and insert darts.  I will be back again on Wednesday to stitch the shoulders together and then pin it all together and put it on the check the fit.

  • To not reverse stitch on thin cottons when inserting darts, as it may pull the fabric.
  • To sew darts from outside to inside.
  • That you can use similar shades of cotton when sewing/over locking if you do not have enough of one - twist them together and hold against the fabric to check if they match.
  • Not to attach neck facing pieces together until the garment is constructed, just in case it needs adjusting.
  • Cutting the wrong interfacing, oops!
  • Sewing one of the darts a bit wonky, and having to unpick it and do it again.
  • Not being able to curve the over locker very well (lovely Janet stepped in to save the day before I chopped off too much fabric!).
Here is just a little photograph to show you the darts that I sewed :)  Hopefully after tomorrows class, I will have some more interesting photographs to show you all!


  1. Love the fabric you're using. Looking forward to seeing the finished dress. xx

  2. Oooh, the classes sound great...where do they take place? I'm on the lookout for somewhere good around Leicester...



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