Saturday, 4 June 2011

Mary, Mary, quite contrary

Take a look at my beautiful flowers!
I love flowers, but for years I just didn't understand why my female relatives loved them so much.  I think it must somehow be linked to making your own home, there is something really poignant about having a vase of fresh flowers in your house.
My Mum kindly made this little arrangement for me (with some prompting from me "I want it to look like I've just picked some flowers out of a garden") For years, myself and my older sister have been telling my Mum that she should make a career out of flower arranging, and she is finally starting to take a step in that direction!  I'm so proud of her, she has this cute little shed in their garden, full of wicker baskets, mutli coloured ribbons and brightly patterned wrapping papers.  Steve took lots of photographs of some of her arrangements yesterday, while I made us all a kick-ass vegetarian lasagne for dinner :)  It's a good job I disappeared to the kitchen too, because approximately half an hour in the shade in the garden, resulted in some sunburn, on the back of my neck.  The sun always finds me :(

Before I go (and finish finding things around our home to sell at tomorrows car boot sale!), I would like to say a big hello to my new followers!  Also, a belated thank you to the lovely Deer Little Fawn for featuring my wooden kite necklace on her blog last week, it honestly made my day!
And one more thank you to the equally lovely Ella Masters for posting an interview with me and reviewing some What Katie Found makes on her blog!  There is a lot of blog love out there, and I really do appreciate all of the nice things you guys say, *shucks* :)

Oh, and one more thing!  I did my first Twitter giveaway this week, and one lucky lady won a pack of my recycled bird book badges, so make sure you follow to be in with a chance of winning next time...


  1. You mum certainly has a gift with flowers, they look gorgeous! Thank you so much for your lovely comments on my blog, it is really appreciated! Love Annie xx

  2. they are lovely i love flowers always cheer me up :)

  3. Flowers always brighten up a room. I buy flowers most weeks. My mum has a beautiful garden full of roses and other flowers, so it's extra special when she visits with a fresh bouquet x



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