Monday, 13 June 2011

my vegan week part 1

Day one

I completely understand that I am very sad, but I have been so excited about doing this vegan diet for days; shopping for dairy free goods and perusing the health food shops and online has been enlightening.  Finding savory recipes though, has been less fun.  I have now made a meal plan for the week, but have had to dig though tons of things which either included ingredients that were hard to find and/or expensive, or that, to be quite frank, sounded disgusting!  

This morning, I unusually leaped out of bed about half an hour earlier than usual to prepare my lunch and to make some porridge for breakfast.  

So here is how I've stayed away from dairy today!

Bowl of porridge made with vanilla soya milk and topped with linseed, and a glass of water.
(The vanilla soya milk made it taste delicious, although was quite sweet.)

An apple and a mug of peppermint tea at break.

Falafel, houmous, tomato and mixed lettuce leaves sandwich (on brown, seeded bread), a banana, raspberry soya yogurt and a homemade vegan banana and oat muffin.  Oh, and a bottle of water!

A homemade banana and raisin muffin and a mug of chamomile tea on returning from work.

Spicy lentil casserole (potato, carrot, parsnip, onion and red lentils) with rice, and a glass of water.

I am incredibly full up (probably all of those carbs from dinner!)  To be honest, the meals that I have eaten today hasn't been largely different to what I would normally eat as a vegetarian.  And so far, no cheese cravings!

Let's see if this gets harder as the week progresses!  I wanted to share some photographs, but I am having some camera issues at the moment.  Hopefully I will be able to post some later in the week :)  The plan is to do a little write up everyday this week, so keep popping back to see whether I have accidentally/purposefully eaten something with dairy in it!

PS I finally found issue two of Mollie Makes today, yippee!


  1. That sounds so majorly delicious! Looking forward to finding out what day two is made up of!
    Annie x

  2. Ooooh the Lentil Casserole sounds yummy! I'm a big tea drinker so i think that if i were to go vegan i would mostly miss real milk in my tea, although cheese would come a close second.

  3. It all sounds really nice! Share some recipes with us :) x

  4. It all sounds so yummy - and that's coming from someone who looooves her meat, haha! I think it helps to have a meal plan with these things. The casserole sounds especially delicious, I might have to give that a try xxx

  5. This sounds like the perfect eating day, yumyum! I am so excited to hear how you get on. You are tempting me to try it toooo x

  6. Great start. I also found my meals were basically the same. Whatever you do be careful when eating vegan cheese (it is a strange substance). At least the brand I tried which I now can't remember (it was from Holland & Barrett). Also, I find oat milk less sweet then soy (and with a less thick consistency), if you try out vegan for another week. You are making me think of becoming a week time vegan (like some people are week time vegetarions).



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