Thursday, 9 June 2011

dairy free

As some of you may already know, I'm a proud vegetarian (since circa 1996).  I have often thought to myself that I would love to be disciplined enough to be a vegan, you see, vegetarianism isn't too much of a challenge seeing as I hate the smell, taste and texture of meat, however cutting out cheese?  Now that might be a problem.  
While we were in the Lake District last week, Steve said that he was thinking about cutting out all meat apart from fish (which he loves).  I of course thought that this was a great idea!   Steve is practically a vegetarian anyway, never eating meat at home.  This prompted me to think a bit more about the whole vegan thing, and that it would be an interesting challenge for a set amount of time (Sorry, but I just don't think I could give up cheese forever!).  Also, my diet lately has been really bad, I eat far too many cakes and biscuits (Although today not one sweet thing has passed my lips!)  I feel like I have got myself into some really bad eating habits and I need to change that, I feel so unhealthy, bleugh!

So, it is decided, next week from Monday to Friday, I will be eating a vegan diet!  I did want to do the entire week until Sunday, but we will be at a wedding on Saturday so chances are I will be eating nothing all day if I continue it!  I will definitely be conscious of what I'm eating though, and try to stick to vegan food when I can :)

What I thought would be interesting, was if any one else wanted to join me, by either choosing a vegan or vegetarian diet for those five days next week.  If you do, leave me a comment below to let me know!  I am going to document all the recipes and foods that I try, so if you are taking on this challenge too, I can include you in my posts :)

Lastly, if anyone knows of any delicious vegan recipes or products (lunches, dinners, puddings or snacks!)  please let me know!  I have just been to the supermarket and stocked up on some dairy free treats, including chocolate rice milk and soya yogurts!


  1. I went from meat eater to vegan about a year ago and stayed that way for 3 months, since then ive been vegetarian. Veganism was easy, but unhealhty for me because all I ate was peanut buttter and dark chocolare (good times!) There is a fantastic recipe for shmlove pie you could look at, that thing is yum. I would love to be vegan again but i cant bear the lack of cheese and the vegan meat replacers are yuck in my opinion. Good luck with your challange, i love your blog and was suprised to see something about veganism on it amongst all the other vegan blogs that i follow. :)

  2. I'm vegan, though it's a daily journey as you learn more and more about food and realise you may inadvertantly be eating non-vegan stuff... but yeah, great idea. It does take a bit of getting used to so I recommend giving up bit by bit. At first I continued to eat items with dairy products in but not items in their natural forms, like simple milk, cheese, eggs, etc. Good luck with it! I reccomend the book Vegan Freak if you want encouragement as it's a really cheerful, friendly read with positive inspiration rather that guilting you into it x

    Best of luck! x

  3. RIGHT!
    I used mashed banana instead of apple puree, pretty much the same. They were really easy and quick! Add in some cinnamon or nutmeg should you wish.

    Also, check out
    SOOOOO delicious looking. And has nice cookie recipes!

    I am going to have to do this as well me thinks.
    xx fi

  4. I attempted being vegan for a week too, but it all failed on a Sunday when I went with a friend to a coffee shop which had peanut butter cupcakes...

    I would warn that it needs some preparation. You don't always think about some things. I've linked to a post I wrote my week if you want to read about my thoughts. Hard going but I might try to make another go of it. But feel the same way about cheese.

  5. I'm a vegan!!! I've been one for about 2 years now :) It's really not nearly as hard as everyone says it is... well, if you're a pick eater like me! I can give you plenty of recipes sometime if you would like! I really love talking to other vegans - there's even a vegetarian/vegan festival in my city. It's really fun to be involved in a whole foodie subculture and just learn how to work around the holes in a normal diet.

    Good luck!



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