Wednesday, 22 June 2011

Laura Ashley dress

I'm finally getting up to date with all of these blog posts!  This is the Laura Ashley dress that I briefly spoke about a couple weeks ago.  I found it in a charity shop back in my hometown of Luton for £4.  The dress is corduroy, so will probably remain in my wardrobe until the Autumn, which to be fair, is not really that far away!  I was really 'uumming' and 'arrring' over this dress, mainly because of the colour - I don't own anything purple!  I just don't really think that it suits me.  It does seem to bring out the colour of my eyes (green), but in a sort of freaky Hallowe'en kind of way.  Although, while looking at these photographs, I did notice how orange my hair looks - now this makes me happy :)  I think that this would be a great dress to layer up when it gets cold; a t-shirt underneath, some woolly tights, a chunky scarf and some DMs (they are on my wishlist at the moment, I am desperate to buy either some boots or Mary Janes).

I seem to wear specific colours these days; green, yellow, orange, beige, navy blue, ochre, tan and muted pinks.  Equally, I stay away from just as many; purple (as explained), black, grey, white and bright tones or pastel tones of anything, simply because after years of wearing any colour I wished, I have now realised which ones suit me better.  

Do you tend to stick to the same colour palette?


  1. Such a great find! I'm so on board with freaky Halloween eyes.

    That would look 'mazing with DMs, espesh boots. They feel so sturdy and take a lot of abuse - which you need to give them to break them in (srsly, wait til its cool enough to wear thick socks to wear them, or you'll rip your ankles to shreds at first... but love is worth the pain!)

    Hello, Sweetie

  2. Oooh pretty! What a bargainous find. I agree this would look awesome layered, or with a chunky brown belt. I don't consciously stick to the same colour palette, but sometimes I look at the washing line and think, hmmm, all my clothes are the same colours! I tend to stick to black, grey and red but am trying to mix it up a bit so have bought some colourful prints for my next makes! I never wear yellow and very rarely orange or plain white as I don't think they suit
    My akin tone.

  3. I stick to a palette of red, blue, black, yellow * white mainly. I like to wear some prints in bright colours and prints, but they have to contain some of those colours.

  4. I rememember seeing that dress in Laura Ashley. I bought the blue version but mine wasn't corderoy. It was around end nineties.
    I know what you mean about only wearing certain colours. I do the same now. I figured out BLue,green and aqua me best,red but a specific red not too dark and white rather then cream,colours I stay away from:purple,cream,maroon,lilac.

  5. ohh, what a pretty dress, i love the colour and shape. i tend to stick to wearing black, grey, burgandy, green and brown. though more recently i've been trying to wear more lighter and brighter colours. xx



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