Friday, 24 June 2011

in honour of Gilbert

Today one of our goldfish, Gilbert, died :(
I am seriously so sad.  We brought Gilbert and George when we moved into this house together (incidentally, our first house).  I really wanted an old fashioned spherical bowl, like the ones from Tom & Jerry cartoons!  Poor little Gilbert was almost three years old, which quite frankly, is elderly for a goldfish.  It is just not nice seeing an animal suffering, no matter how big or small.  When we left for work this morning, Gilbert was not looking too peachy, and I knew that he would be gone by the time I returned home.  I am so soppy, I actually feel sorry for George - he's in the bowl all by himself, I swear the pair of them used to play some sort of fish version of tag (or tig for those of you in Leicester).  I know, that sounds crazy, like I'm some mad goldfish woman!  Oh, it is just so sad when pets die.

This one's for you Gilbert! x

Time Lapse Fish Bowl from Steve Poxson on Vimeo.


  1. :( Sorry to hear about Gilbert.
    At least he had a happy life with George and you to look after him :) Not only that but he had a lovely home!

  2. RIP Gilbert! It's so sad when any pet dies :o( Your film is very cool though, a great way to remember him!

  3. It's always sad when a pet dies no matter how small. I'm sure you will always have fond memories of Gilbert.

    Sorry I've been a little quiet for a while, I'm still reading x

  4. Oh no, I'm so sorry to hear about Gilbert! xo

  5. Oh, how sad! I was really sad when mine died too, and yes, they defiantly do play fish tag, I can vouch for that and you must have looked after him well if he lived until three! Maybe you could get George another fishy friend to keep him company?

  6. oh noooooo! R.I.P gilbert




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