Sunday, 21 November 2010

Leicester Winter Food and Craft Festival

I feel like I am defrosting right now!  From 9am - 5pm, myself and Steve have been outside, I lost all feeling in my feet at about 11am!  I can't complain though, all in all we had a lovely day and I sold lots of my Kakes Makes products :)  The most popular items today were the teacup candles and robin pin badges.  I think it's really interesting how different products sell better at different fairs, it's so difficult to judge!
Oh, and me and Steve had a really yummy stone baked feta cheese and olive pizza for lunch, and our friend Ivona (cake maker extraordinaire!) kept us well supplied with cakes from her stall!  
I managed to get a few photographs of my stall, I had a corner section in the market, which I thought was really good, there was so much space too!

Thank you to everyone who came along to support me and who brought some of my products, it is very much appreciated!  Next fair is next Sunday, The Christmas Craft Fair at Parklands Leisure Centre in Leicester - will be having a rest tonight, but back to making tomorrow!  Hoping to list lots of new items on Folksy in the next two weeks too, so I will keep you updated!


  1. you displayed all of your products beautifully. your stall looks lovely! no wonder the robin pin bages sold well, they are so cute! xx

  2. you are a true inspiration i am doing my first market next sunday and im really nervous how to you price your wonderful stuff?? im loving the photos :) xx

  3. Everything looks to beautifully laid out, well done you! :)



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