Saturday, 13 November 2010

what is bric n brac?

Because I literally cannot handle being ill and being stuck in the house, I suggested to Steve last night that we take a look in the local paper to see if there were any Christmas fairs happening locally.  There seemed to be loads on, but we chose two which were not too far from where we live, and ones where their advert included the phrase 'bric n brac' :)

The first had a 20p entrance fee (20p!!)  There were not many stalls there, but I found myself three wonderful childrens' books, for 10p each.  I think I have to now admit that I have an obsession with buying old childrens' books and games, especially those from the 1950's and 1960s.  As a rule, it's the beautiful illustrations that reel me in.  

The second book originally came with a 7", but sadly it wasn't in the sleeve :(  Steve was amused by the blurb on the back, which reads Their subject matter sometimes alarms parents, but children sing happily about birth, marriage, death, fire and flood. 
Oh, and we also got ourselves some homemade cake, which cost 20p a slice!

After we had browsed around the fair, we took a walk down the high street, where we found some charity shops that we previously didn't know existed!  I got myself some retro sheets and pillowcases to up-cycle for a very reasonable price, and couldn't resist this amazingly tacky jigsaw puzzle...!

Ooh ooh, and I got a new deer ornament for my collection!  I haven't got a photograph yet though because I put him in my coat pocket and forgot all about him!  Oops!

Hope that everyone is having a great weekend, and isn't suffering with an irritating cold like myself!


  1. Wow, I love that Encylopedia! is it illustrated by Alain Gree? I've found a few old ladybird books this weekend - I just love old childrens books!

  2. fab idea! i never thought of christmas fairs for vintage stuff, am gonna buy the local paper tomorrow x

  3. I feel the exact same love for old children’s books. The illustrations are always so stunning, and the stories always seem more sincere. Bric a brac is by far my favourite in charity shops, I guess you just never know what you will find! x



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