Saturday, 27 November 2010


Knitted Headband - made by my friend Helen
Cardigan - vintage (Dolly Mixture, Leicester)
T-shirt and Bag - H&M
Denim Dress - Charity Shop
Tights and Belt - Primark
Boots - a shoe shop in Nottingham a LONG time ago!
Ok, not a very imaginative post title, I know.  However, us Leicester people were 'lucky' enough to have woken up to the pretty sight of snow.  I say 'lucky' because I love snow (when I'm walking in it, or sat inside all cosy looking out at it) but NOT when I am driving in it - it really scares me!  Our car was slipping all over the place today, we couldn't get up one hill when we were going to a Christmas fair this morning, so had to park around the corner and walk!  Myself and Steve got ourselves to two Christmas fairs today. At the first, I brought the most amazing sewing bag/magazine rack for 50p (not quite sure what I will use it for yet).  At the second, my friend Ivona was selling her amazing cakes, so I got to have another yummy bannoffe pie cupcake...mmm!  I also brought myself a really cute wool hair clip :)
I have been so, so busy this week.  I have been making every single night this week and I am now so very tired (I am drinking my second glass of red wine as we speak!)  I am at the Christmas Craft Fair in Oadby tomorrow, and have some new stock including pom pom tree decorations, party ring earrings, more cake rings and scrabble tile keyrings.  Fingers crossed it will be another successful fair! I will be sure to take lots of photographs and share with you all next week!

I have also started to make my Christmas presents this week.  I have decided to make some dolls for my nieces, I hope that I have time to get them finished.  Here is how my first is currently looking, oh dear, she desperately needs some eyes and some clothes!  I will keep you posted on how she is coming along, I did make her some shoes today :)
 Oh, and one last thing.  I brought some purple potatoes the other day.  Yes, purple.  So me and Steve had the most colourful dinner ever.  This made me so happy :)
Hopefully next week I will have some more time on my hands, and will be doing a few posts to catch up on some things.  Oh, and I will also be sorting out my Kakes Makes giveaway!  I'm so excited to have reached 100 followers on whatkatiefound, a big thank you to everyone!  So keep your eyes peeled, it's going to be a good 'un!

Hope that you're all having a great weekend, and starting to feel festive - I sure am!


  1. seeing all these beautifully snowy pictures from around the world are making me crave the first snow here in nyc, so badly! with my luck it will happen while i'm away over the christmas holidays !!


  2. Sounds like you've been having a lovely, cosy run-up to Christmas!

    Oh, and can you come round and make that dinner for me, please?

    Olivia xx

  3. Ah this looks like such a lovely dat, full of crafty stuff and good food. Love that cardigan! x

  4. Love the cream cardigan you are wearing, and the sewing bag/magazine rack sounds intriguing. x

  5. cute polka dot plate! The snow is making outfit choices more functional than fabulous x



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