Sunday, 28 November 2010

The Christmas Craft Fair

Today has been quite a strange one.  I woke up early this morning, and my face and hair were FREEZING (only parts of me outside of the duvet you see).  As you may be aware, we have snow up here in Leicestershire - I think it was -9 degrees this morning.  We live in a flat which is part of an old converted house, and it's so cold, there was ice on the inside of our windows this morning - ARGGHHH!  So, obviously all of this coldness made me quite the grump.  Me and Steve packed up our little car and drove off to my second to last fair of 2010.  During setting up time, I managed to a) spill tea all down myself and b) drop my phone down a toilet (luckily, I hate my phone anyway, so am using this as an excuse to buy a good one, hmm... iPhone perhaps...?)  I must say, today did not get off to a good start!  The fair was at Parklands Leisure Centre in Oadby, Leicestershire, and due to the very cold weather and lack of heating, it was so so chilly!  I did manage to make quite a fair profit, but it was quite a slow day.  I met some other lovely crafters though, and had some very interesting chats concerning making and selling!  Has anyone else been holding stalls at Christmas events, and how have you found them?  

Anyway, that has been a bit of a ramble!  Here are a few photographs of my stall from today (sorry about the dodgy lighting, it was in a sports hall!)  I do think that this is my favourite stall set up that I have done :)

P.S Don't forget to enter my Kakes Makes giveaway!  :)


  1. Hi Katie!
    Lovely meeting you today and I hope you have warmed up a bit now. Tried to send you a message on twitter but my account is locked so you prob wouldn't know who I am. Just wanted to let you know who I was. I am kmeacock on twitter.


  2. Oh my, the table looks fantastic! and well done you for making a nice little profit ^_^

  3. Oi, ice INSIDE the window? Damn it!

    I'm glad to hear despite the cold and it being a bit slow you did well, you did have a lovely set up!

  4. Wow..I would definitely have been attracted to this stall!! I'm following, I love your blog!!



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