Sunday, 21 November 2010

Steve Poxson photography

Some of you may already know Steve, but for those of you that don't, he is my boyfriend and is an incredible photographer.  Steve really does have a natural talent for photography.  He's often an 'onlooker', resulting  in capturing the beautiful things that many of us (including me!) could easily miss.  Steve will never be seen without a camera, or five, in his bag and is a lover of the traditional film camera.  
Steve is always so supportive of me and my crafts.  He helps me to design packaging, takes photographs of my products, and comes to fairs with me to keep me company.  I think it's about time that I showed my support for him and his talent and shared with you all some of my favourite images of his :)

Steve has a Flikr account and can be followed on Twitter.  I hope that you enjoy this selection :)


  1. Oh wow Katie your man has a good eye! I love this kind of photography!

  2. Wow, he does have a great eye! I'm really impressed.



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