Tuesday, 2 November 2010

a handmade Christmas (6)

Treaclezoo is a Folksy shop that I keep stumbling upon.  Making crocheted 'critters' and food items, this is one of those sellers that I admire, although also envy! (I really wish that I could knit and crochet!) 
My favourite items will come as no surprise to you, I am sure...!

Aren't these handmade crocheted biscuits and cakes the cutest thing you have ever seen!?  I cannot express how much I want one of the custard cream brooches!  
Prices start from only £5.00,  so the Folksy shop is definitely worth a look, if not to only look at the fantastic range of products on offer.  I know that all of my friends would love these!

Many thanks to Treaclezoo for allowing me to use their images, and also a big thank you to everyone who has been reading my 'a handmade Christmas' posts and supporting us crafters! :)


  1. My I love those, so terribly cute and quirky. I too wish I could knit! x

  2. What a lovely intro. to my shop, thank you Katie x

  3. These are so sweet!

  4. Oh wow, I want those crocheted biscuits!

  5. These are making me feel hungry big time. They are fantastic!
    Emily x

  6. oh wow! I was totally fooled by the bakewells! haha. so cute! x

  7. those are SO SO SO adorable!

  8. Oh these are soo sweet! I love the knitted bakewell tarts, tehe.

  9. Super cute! Sweets should always be worn for fashion



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