Monday, 29 November 2010

vintage Christmas decorations

Two weekends ago, I took a visit to my favourite charity shop area of Leicestershire - the Age Concern shop there never lets me down!  I have been itching to show you these festive treats that I found since that very day, but I have been so busy with making, listing and stall holding that I have only just found the time to post about them!

The decorations were four for 50p, and the cards were 10p each (these are not the only two that I found, but were my favourites!)  The second decoration (the red mouse) is probably one of the strangest things I have ever seen, therefore as always in these situations, I had to have it!  Their designs really remind me of being a little girl and going to my Nan and Grandads house at Christmas :)

I am getting really quite excited about Christmas now, me and Steve decided to abolish the usual chocolate advent calendar, and have instead made our own for each other (each had a budget of £24 to spread across the 24 days).  It is essentially going to be a bit like a Christmas stocking, except we get to have all of the presents spread out!  It's all very exciting, but I still need to get three more items before Wednesday!

One last thing, if you haven't already, please enter my Kakes Makes giveaway :)


  1. The decorations were so cheap! You did well to find those :) Very pretty little things.

  2. Haha - my nanny has a collection of old decorations - there's like the weirdest stuck-together glitter Father Christmas with googly eyes, but for some reason I absolutely love it!
    And that christmas stocking idea is so lovely :)

  3. What lovely finds! :) I'm glad you're feeling so festive, so am I! Especially because we're putting the tree up soon eee! jazzy ♥

  4. That sounds like a great idea for an advent calendar - I wanna do one now! Nice to see the Age Concern is good down your way too - its easily the best charity shop we have in my town, even if it does look like a jumble (one of its charms I think!) :)

  5. What a fantastic idea for an advent calendar! Wish I had time to do that, but theres only a day left till the 1st!

    Those decorations are beautiful, what a fantastic find! x

  6. such cute finds! i'm hoping to visit some charity shops on my college lunch break tomorrow to find some little christmassy bits and bobs. what a lovely and brilliant idea for an advent calendar! something i shall definitely have to try next year! xx

  7. I love those decorations, so unusual. And those cards remind me of cards my Mum used to get me when I was younger, they were like padded which is kind of wierd! Great finds x

  8. Oh the little red bear is so so cute. I just love christmas. And what a genius idea about the advent calender!



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