Monday, 22 November 2010

a busy busy bumblebee

I have been meaning to add new items to my Folksy shop for a long time, and tonight I finally took the plunge and began snapping away, cropping and listing!  You can take a look at my Folksy shop here and see what I have been up to :)

Oh, and here is a little sneak preview (even more new items will be listed over the next 2 weeks, just in time for Christmas!)


  1. so down for the rad triple ring! x

  2. Lovely crafts as always ^_^

  3. Hi, I thought I was following you but just realised I'm not, I am now! Your stuff looks great! You have robins! I've been sewing tiny robins today <3 I'm going to favourite your your Folksy! :)

  4. So much lovely stuff! I LOVE the 'rad' rings...I'm thinking knuckle duster chic!

    Emily x

  5. These are just the cutest, you talented little squirrel! I was wondering if you'd be interested with doing some sort of feature on Jazzpad? Potentially an interview and a little giveaway for the readers of some kind? I'm always looking for fabulous independent designers to showcase, if you're interested drop me an email sweets! :) jazzpad (at)
    jazzy ♥

  6. oh, oh, oh! I love the RAD rings, they're so radical

    sorry for the bad joke, just couldn't help it ahaha

  7. I like the all the pieces that you have espicially the ring. So sute!



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