Friday, 19 November 2010

a handmade Christmas (10)

I have known of the wonderful She Draws for a while now, and had the intention of featuring some of Laura Figiels creations as part of my a handmade Christmas feature for quite some time.  It turns out that this is great timing, as I am completely amazed by the newest She Draws product - rubber stamp rings!  Costing only £7 each, and available in three designs, these would make a perfect Christmas present or stocking filler!  My personal favourite is this in disguise design :)
She Draws also sells beautifully illustated t-shirts, stationary and jewellery.  This vintage phone charm necklace is also on my wishlist :)
Thank you very much to Laura for allowing me to use her images, I recommend that you all take a look at the very popular She Draws Folksy shop for some of your Christmas shopping!

You can read Laura's blog here and follow her on twitter here :)

Also, as I have now featured 10 of my favourite sellers, I thought that I would do a quick re-cap, so here they are once more (click on the names to find their online shops!)

1. Skull and Cross Buns
2. Lola's Room
3. Violet May
4. Nikki Made
5. Tea and Ceremony
6. Mr. Wick
7. Treaclezoo
8. Wallpaper Rose
9. Amy Blackwell
10. Sixes and Sevens

Has anyone brought anything from these sellers?  It would be lovely to hear from you if you have!

I will be selling at The Leicester Winter Food Festival this Sunday, would be great to see some of you East Midlands people there!  There will be over 200 food stalls and 50 craft stalls at the event, and it's FREE! 

Hope you all have a great weekend, I will post some photographs from the fair next week!


  1. i saw that ring the other day on folksy and thought it was so cute!x

  2. wow that stamper ring is amazing!! xx

  3. I bought all 3 of the stamp rings this week! I'm giving two as gifts, but keeping the 'in disguise' one as like you I love it. I also have a She draws cup which I love.



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