Friday, 15 April 2011

It's been almost two weeks since I last posted, and it has flown by!  I'm sat here thinking I don't even know where to begin.

Well, I finally got rid of my cold, although annoyingly, I think it has come back for another round.  Today was the last day of term for schools in Leicestershire, which means I now have 2 weeks and 3 days off work hooray!  I really feel like I need a break too, this last week in particular has been really tough.  

Tomorrow I will be having a stall at the Curiosity Haus Contemporary Craft and Design Fair, which is taking place at The Orange Tree in Nottingham from 12 - 5pm.  So tonight I really need to sort out my stock and get everything packed.  That is, after I have sat for a while.  I feel that sitting on the sofa in front of the TV is essential for the foreseeable future.

So, if I now go back in time, I will attempt to recall what I have been up to lately.  Probably the most exciting thing (not just recently, but ever), was that myself and my friend Tate went for an casting for Coach Trip in Birmingham on Wednesday!  It was really good fun, and to just be asked for an interview was amazing.  We don't know if we will get to be on the show yet, we will just have to wait and see :)

On returning from my interview, I came home to discover my parcel from the lovely Ella of Ruby Rae Love!  If you've not yet seen Ella's beautiful jewellery, go and take a look - it is truly wonderful.  If you remember, I also purchased my 'Firmin' ring from her a few weeks ago, and then couldn't resist buying some of these Navajo friendship bracelets (I will get some snaps of mine over the weekend!)  Ella also very kindly sent me a free gift, which I will keep a secret for now until I get some photographs taken of it, but it is so cool!  Felt very chuffed :)

I've also been buying some bargain dresses and other garments lately, via eBay and the car boot sale.  Once again, I will get some photographs taken soon and write a separate post.  I have one of those massive blue Ikea bags sat next to me right now, which is full of clothes to go on eBay or to the charity shops, so I really must find the motivation to get that done too.  Phew.

But right now?  I'm going to make a cup of tea, and maybe eat a hot cross bun (even though I have just scoffed a GU chocolate and cherry cookie). 

More interesting posts coming soon, I promise! 


  1. Ahh Coach Trip, I am so jealous, if I wasn't at uni I would've applied. Just getting to meet Brendan would be worth sitting on a coach for days on end (:

  2. Ooooh, good luck with your stall tomorrow! +ahhhh, imagine if you get on Coach Trip!! That would be amazing, haha, would love to see you blogging about that!;D Good luck!xxx



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