Thursday, 28 April 2011

painting faces

Every summer for years, I have thought to myself "ah, face painting, that could be a fun way of making a few extra pennies!"  So a couple of days ago, I finally did it - I brought myself a kit!  I have been so excited, I kept looking out of the window all morning, waiting for the post man to arrive!  Unfortunately, I have no children yet, so my boyfriend, Steve, has been my face painting guinea pig today!  Painting someone's face is actually more difficult than I anticipated.  For one, I haven't received the brushes yet, so I was using actual paint brushes!  Secondly, Steve is a bit stubbly, and he kept flinching!  
Not too bad though for my first attempt eh?!  Always looking for faces to practice on now, and East Midlanders, please bear me in mind for any parties or fairs :)

Right, I really need to get my things ready for ABC, which is happening tomorrow night.  I still have some jewelery and fabric collars to get made, yikes!

Hope that you all have a splendid day of work tomorrow UK people!  Woo!  And Will and Kate - I hope the sun shines for you :)


  1. I love facepainting! I've done it a few times when I've been volunteering at charity events and things, it's much harder than it looks! Especially on little children, they're always moving and get bored half way through and have runny noses and other such delightful things! Good Luck!


  2. Love it! What a great way to make some extra money!

  3. I am reading through your blog desperately wishing I was as crafty and creative as you... the wish is there, yet the cack-handed-ness prevails :( anyway... face painting is now quite a big thing in night clubs on different themed nights, that might be worth looking into? X



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