Monday, 18 April 2011



I have finally got my Etsy shop stocked properly!  These photographs are just a little taster of what's on offer :)  Please pop by to take a look, I'm really proud of how my shop is looking, and I took all of the photographs myself (quite an achievement, as I normally rope my photographer boyfriend into doing it for me!)

It has literally taken me hours to list everything, so my to do list is not quite complete today.  I'm hoping to find some time this evening to dye my hair - I've finally found an 'orangey' colour, so fingers crossed it will look beautiful!

Ooh, and I would just like to add, thank you lots and lots to all of you who have left such lovely messages about my makes, it is really appreciated!  And also a big thank you to those of you who have nominated my blog for your blog awards.  I do acknowledge them and feel very flattered indeed to be chosen!

I'm looking forward to tomorrow, me and Steve are going to take a stroll into Leicester, hopefully visiting some charity shops, markets, fairs and galleries on route.  
Fingers crossed for some sunshine :)


  1. The shop is looking utterly lovely!

  2. So many purty things! Well done lady ;)

  3. Katie, I love everything! I think I might have to commission you to make a big cross-stitched piece for my wedding! x

  4. These things are all so beautiful. This post has totally inspired me to keep working towards opening my online shop. You're so talented =) x



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