Monday, 21 March 2011

Ruby Rae Love

Ruby Rae Love is the new venture of the lovely Ella Masters.  Not only does she already create the cutest illustrations, but now she's only gone and produced a fantastic bespoke jewellery range!  Made from recycled bits and bobs, at Ruby Rae Loves you can find head-dresses, rings, necklaces and bracelets.
A few days ago, I was reading Ella's blog, when I saw that she had made a ring from an antique brass button, with FIRMIN on it.  Well, that was it, I just had to have it (incase you're unaware, Firmin is my surname, and I am oddly proud of it...)
And today - my ring arrived!  And oh so beautifully packaged too!  The first thing I came across was a personalised illustration by Ella - so adorable,  I need to find it a home :)

Isn't the ring box amazing?  I also loved the little luggage tag on which Ella had written the history behind the button -  it was discovered at her Grandmothers house, and was from her Great Grandfathers coat.  I'm a real sucker for nostalgia and old things with narratives attached to them, so I really loved this attention to detail :)

Take a look at the Ruby Rae Love shop here,
and have a read of Ella's lovely blog here :)


  1. Such a wonderful tale behind this piece, and the box/tag are both such beautiful compliments too. I think if I had my surname on a ring, I would be pretty thrilled, this one was meant to be xx

  2. you absolute beaut, i was sad to see the button go but i am sure you will love it as much as my family has, it was made for you :) i hope it brings you happiness :) xxx

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  5. That story behind that piece is already a treasure itself! Vintage and personalised rings are as valuable as engagement rings made from precious stones like diamonds! Thank you for your post.



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