Monday, 7 March 2011

International Women's Day

Tomorrow is International Women's Day, a day to inspire women and celebrate achievements (social, economical and political).  A couple of years ago, one of my films was chosen to be played at an exhibition of women's art in Reading, which was a real honor :)

I can't say that this post will be full of deep, meaningful issues related to women, but it is a display of my love for a few women out there who inspire me.  Are there any women that are an inspiration to you?  I would love to hear your thoughts! :)

Really have to urge to say "Girl Power"now, must resist...

Zooey Deschanel.
Talented, beautiful and married to Ben Gibbard, to me, this may be the closest to perfection that one lady can get.
(and she is in Elf!)

Alex McQuilkin.A favourite artist of mine, Alex McQuilkin incorporates themes of sex, death, desire and youth into her work (mainly film).
Read an insightful article and interview here :)

Charlyne Yi.Actress, comedian, musician, writer, and painter.
Oh, and did I mention very funny and a bit of a dork (I mean this in the most affectionate way, I promise). Charlyne produced and co-wrote Paper Heart in 2009, it is a must see if you haven't already, and Michael Cera is in it too (who she dated for a while).  Can't keep this in...
I flippin' love Michael Cera!

Sophie Calle.
An all time favourite artist of mine.  A wonderful French lady, whose practice depicts identity, intimacy and human vulnerability. Take Care of Yourself was made a few years ago, and Calle asked 107 women from different professions to interpret the break up letter that was sent by her ex. 
First Aid Kit.
Two Swedish sisters who make utterly beautiful music.  And they are beautiful too!
I have seen them perform live a few times now, and I am always overwhelmed by them.
This is my favourite song of theirs, take a look :)

Françoise Hardy.
France in the 1960s.
I say no more.

Katy Perry and Rhianna.
I just really want to be their new BFF.
Michelle Williams.
I am a big fan of Dawson's Creek.  Loved Joey Potter to begin with, then realised that Jen Lindley was the coolest girl EVER.
Since those golden days of the creek, Michelle Williams has proved to be an outstanding actress, and when her partner, Heath Ledger, died in 2008, my heart really went out to her.  I have a lot of love for this lady.
Tracey Emin.
My.  Favourite.  Artist.
A women who is honest and outspoken about herself, her feelings and her experiences.  Her work is so poignant and she will always be an inspiration to me.  I really don't care what anyone else thinks of her artwork, I think she is fabulous.
And her drunk on the Turner Prize show on television many years ago, will continue to make me laugh for a very long time :)
(click here to see!)
Soko.A French singer, who I can only describe as wonderfully bonkers.
Have a little listen to these, I promise they will brighten your day.
I'll Kill Her
Shitty Day
Paloma Faith.
I must say, not a big fan of Paloma's music, but her personality is a winner.  Every time she is on television, she makes me laugh (especially on Never Mind the Buzzcocks!) 

I realise that this post is full of celebrities, faces that your recognise, but I have to add here that the women who really inspire me the most, are those without freedom.  Those who are not treated equally, subjected to horrendous ordeals and who prove to me how strong women can be. 
These women are truly inspirational.

P.S: Please take a look at this fantastic film featuring Daniel Craig, in support of International Women's Day :)


  1. ooh going to check out first aid kit now, i love swedish indiepop. i LOVE paloma on nevermind the buzzcocks, she is like a female noel fielding!

  2. There are so many awesome women out there, famous or not to be inspired by!

  3. Oh my God another Dawsons Creek fan. That show was my life for so many years! I was obssesed to the point where I could recall every episode off by heart.

    It's funny all the way through I was a Joey Potter girl but when it reached the end, I found myself flooding with tears when Jen died. It's probably because I really disliked Jen in the early seasons.

    Michelle Williams is stunning though, and I almost feel proud how well she has done. I was watching her at the Oscars, and although she didn't win (for Blue Valentine) I was just thinking god you look stunning. And how crazy is this, she was sat next to Busy Philips, who played Audrey in S5/S6, so she too has gone onto bright things! And I think it's cool how they are all still friends :)

    Yes Zooey is perfection. I love this girl. I wish I could be this girl xx

  4. Zooey <3 also Paper Heart is awesome! xx

  5. I love Tracey Emin, a true individual and she's always herself. My inspiration is Barbara Castle. She held the record as the female MP with the longest continuous service and she is the first, and to date the only woman to have held the office of First Secretary of State.
    I did a display on International Women's Day today in work and picked lots of great books by women or about women to display (I work
    in a library)

  6. Paloma is hilarious on Buzzcocks! Have to agree that Im not a fan of her music, but I adore everything else about her, especially her fashion.
    And I have a major girl crush on Zooey Deschanel as well :3

  7. i love zooey & michael cera! :D :D

    and now i know that charlene is a comedian cos i seen her act in Scott pilgrim and also knocked up :D

  8. Cute post!
    I saw Paloma on Buzzcocks and she seemed really sweet and funny!



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