Sunday, 27 March 2011

embroideries campaign to put an end to female genital mutilation

I have been very excited about sharing with you all my contribution to this wonderful campaign which has been organised by the Shoreditch Sisterhood W.I.  I was going to tell you all about the campaign myself, but this super blurb from the campaigns' website does a better job than I ever could!

"Intrinsically feminine, pretty and neat, Embroidery is a pastime that has been encouraged amongst women for hundreds of years, often being associated with their belittlement and oppression. In recent years however, powerful and gutsy women have been reclaiming and redefining needle work in a subversive way. It is apt then, to discover that the Persian word for 'embroidery' is commonly used as an affectionate term for the abusive practice of Female Genital Mutilation, which is a rife and widespread practice across Africa and parts of the Middle East.
The Shoreditch Sisters WI group have been pivotal in the recent upsurge of young women learning traditional needlecrafts and employing their newfound skills in an empowering way, from creative activism through to selling hand-made goods to raise funds for charities.
This creative campaign is accessible and open to anyone and everyone who wants to support the cause. All levels of skill and experience are welcome. We are collecting 7"x 7" patches which have embroideries (or whatever needlecraft technique you feel most comfortable with) of Vulvas on them, as abstract or accurate as you like. Feel free to make as many as you like (it can be quite addictive!) and please do spread the word!
When you have finished you patches, please post them with a cover sheet stating your name, age, location etc. and how you heard about the campaign/why you wanted to join in, to:
5a Gransden Ave London E8 3QA
Thank you for your support!" 

A teacher who I work with is a member of the W.I (Women's Institute) and brought in her own embroidered vulva to work one day, and I immediately wanted to take part.  Not only would I get to support a cause which I feel is extremely worthwhile, but I would get to do some sewing in the process!

So here is the moment that I get to reveal my own creation!  I think all of you who read What Katie Found should make your own too, and also take a look at the Shoreditch Sisterhood W.I.s Facebook page :)


  1. This is a great cause. Hannah knows alot about FGM as she does wuite a bit about it in her midwifery degree. She sees lots of women who now live in the UK with it, it's a huge cultural thing. Love your embroidery! x

  2. This is beautiful! The deadline to be involved in the launch party for the campaign is 20th August. Please post your contributions to:
    5a Gransden Ave
    London E8 3QA
    Many thanks xx



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