Monday, 21 March 2011

twenty fifth birthday

I am now twenty five, and I must say that I am so far thoroughly enjoying it!  I know, it makes no sense that you can feel differently just because you've gained another year, but I am feeling much more optimistic about everything lately.  Everyone always seems to say how they wish they were still 18 or 21, but I am genuinely happier now than I ever was then.  Twenty Five is the place to be :)

So, I have only just got round to sharing my birthday with you all!  It started off with Steve making me  pancakes with homemade blueberry compote and creme fraiche for breakfast - so yummy and amazing, seriously.  Couldn't finish it all though, quite a lot of food for 7am!  I then unfortunately had to go to work, but wasn't all bad as I work in a Primary school, so I got to go to the front in assembly and everyone sang Happy Birthday to me!

In the evening, myself and some friends went to Barceloneta, a Tapas restaurant in Leicester, which also happens to be my favourite.  It is just amazing, if you live in Leicester and have never been, I urge you to go!  I was also lucky enough to have had a spectacular cake made by my friend Ivona, feast your eyes on this...

Also, here are some of the much loved presents that I received, I am one lucky lady!  I've also included some photographs of some of my cards - lovely handmade wonderful-ness :)
Babushka measuring cups
I also received some Topshop vouchers, which I am trying to spend wisely...
but I did buy a cape that I have wanted for a while, and it was in the sale - hoorah!


  1. aww how cute that they sang happy birthday to you in assembly! i love the ladybird mug, i have one that says 'peter writes. peter likes to write' hehe

  2. Happy birthday! How lovely is that cake! :) and I totally agree, I'm 23 (almost 24) and I'm definitely happier now than I have ever been! xx

  3. So many lovely gifts, those cards are so special and make for lovely keepsakes, you have some wonderful friends!

    The Ladybird book and mug are so wonderful, I am growing very fond of Ladybird xx

  4. i featured on your blog i feel famous!

  5. Wow your cards are so incredible, what talent and excellent taste your friends have! Happy birthday :)

  6. That cake looks amazing! Bet you didn't want to cut it xx

    For me, turning 25 was my when my life changed completely, for the better. Giving birth to my daughter and saying goodbye to my tomboy days (I was still climbing over high walls at 8 months pregnant).

    Glad you had a happy birthday xx

  7. HAPPY BIRTHDAY! those cards are just too cute!!! my 25th is around the corner... thank you for the inspiration :) xx.

  8. Happy Belated Birthday, looks like you had an amazing time! What lovely gifts/cards/cake you received too!

  9. Happy Birthday! 25 is indeed the place to be :) Oh and i have never been to Barceloneta despite having lived about 2 minutes away for almost 5 years...doh! It's on my to-do-list, promise... x

  10. Happy birthday! What amazing presents, love the babushka measuring cups! xx

  11. Happy Birthday! Ah, 25. I remember it...just! Glad you had a fab time and I am SO jealous of your wonderful presents!



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