Sunday, 6 March 2011

each peach, pear, plum

Here is me scoffing the last of my homemade raspberry muffins earlier today.  It could be one of my last treats for a while - I am thinking of giving up cake for lent.  I know, I must be crazy.  I'm not religious at all, but think a little challenge every now and then is healthy, and I do eat a stupid amount of cake.  I think it is technically one of my food groups.  I am not yet fully committed to this idea, I still have two days to chicken out.  I did manage it one year when I was 16, and remember having very a very heightened sense of smell regarding sugar, and couldn't even go near the cake aisle in Sainsburys without drooling!!  

This photographs also give me the chance to show of one of the new garments I have added to my wardrobe - an old ladies peach coloured shirt!  I changed the buttons to these vintage black and white striped ones to make it a bit less 'granny-fied'.  I think I like it...  I definitely love the colour anyway, peach is wonderful :)

Me and Steve wanted to take our new car out today to try and get used to driving it (when I say new, I mean new to us, it is nine years old!)  And I wanted to go and take a peek at some things in New Look, after being dazzled by some of their items online last night.  I found the wedge shoes that I loved, tried them on and was very pleasantly surprised.  They are now mine.  Mine, mine mine :)  They are really comfortable and I could walk in them without looking like Bambi. RESULT.  I really do have to stop buying things though, I can't keep using "but, it is my birthday soon" as an excuse for the entire duration of March...

Lastly, I remembered on Saturday that I have a pierced nose!  I used to wear lots of piercings at one time, but slowly started wearing them less and less once I left University, and now only wear a few.  I have wanted a thin nose ring for a long time, and found one in a piercers in Leicester whist shopping yesterday :)

I hope that you're all having a wonderful weekend, despite how cold it seems to be everywhere brr!!
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  1. Ooh good luck giving up cake! You are braver than me! I don't think i could manage it at all. I've never given anything up for lent. I think i could manage giving up alcohol or bread.

  2. I love the peach colour and the buttons you've added look lovely too xx



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