Friday, 4 March 2011

recent finds...

I feel like I've not posted anything for ages.  Last weekend I also had a really bad back, which has only just eased off completely.  I've never really had back pain before, so it was quite a shock!  The pain was immense, every time I got up I burst into tears because it hurt so much, it was truly horrible!  But, on the upside, I have some lovely new thrifty things to share with you all hooray!
I love my new mug so much!  It was only 50p from a local charity shop, and I love the colours and illustration on it.  Too cute.
These sewing patterns were also only 50p each from a different charity shop.  There was a whole basket full, and I really wanted to just buy them all, but resisted temptation and chose a few which I felt were realistically achievable (...maybe!)  I had a look at them earlier, they have been used therefore the pieces have been cut out, so I will need to make some adjustments, but I am excited about trying them out.  I might have a look for some fabric tomorrow, and I also need to mend my sewing machine first!
Finally, here is a selection of the many vintage greetings cards that I manage to get my hands on last week.  I think they are awesome, Steve wasn't so sure!  I have kept a few for myself, but will be taking the rest along to the Vintage Fair at Leicester Cathedral on March 19th :)

I also brought some clothes, but they are in the process of being washed, so photographs to follow!  Might try and make it to a few table top stalls at some Church halls tomorrow, I'm definitely feeling that a fun, laid back weekend is in order, fingers crossed that the sun keeps shining!

Hope you all have a great weekend!  Oh!  I almost forgot!  Remember to enter my wonderful Cuppa Tea and Cake giveaway for your chance to win a very, very super wooden brooch!


  1. that mug is adorable. I have back pain quiet often because I had to have an operation when i was 15 but what you had sounds like a trapped nerve. I had one in my back in November and I have never had pain like it which as I said, is saying a lot! glad your better now though


  2. Oooh, 50p sewing patterns!!! If it's a charity shop in Leicester are you willing to reveal which one?

    Love all your finds, the mug especially is too cute. Hope your back has fully recovered now, sounds awful!

  3. Love your mug!
    There is a great shop in Cardiff called A Vintage Affair that sells lovely old postacrds and greetings cards. I once found on that a soldier had sent to his sweetheart back home :)
    Hope you feel better

  4. that mug is AMAZING! It's so so cute, what a great find. back pain is terrible, i had it really really bad about 2 years ago. now i never complain about slight aches! hope you're better now.

  5. Awww that mug is so cute!!! So jealous that you found it before me :) x

  6. The little cup is the best find! What a little cutie ^_^

  7. I love love love that mug so much!

    Oh gosh this is such a coincidence, I have been at my Mums today sorting out the spare room and found a stash of old cards (used), so had a good rummage through and found some real quirks from late 80’s early 90’s, of very similar theme to these. Tackiness galore, I’m thinking of using them in my scrapbook :) xx



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