Wednesday, 9 March 2011

cuppa tea and cake giveaway... the winners!

The time has finally come to reveal the winners of my cuppa tea and cake giveaway!
Drum roll please...
The winner of this splendid wooden teacup brooch is...


and the winner of the delightful ball of wool wooden brooch is...

Well done to Avril and Skye!  Jess from cuppa tea and cake will be in touch about the delivery of your lovely brooches!

Thank you so much to everyone who entered, and a very big thank you to wonderful Jess for donating some of her makes for my giveaway (and to her cat, for choosing the winners!!) :)

Remember to take a look at the rest of her beautiful things here!


  1. Congratulations Skye & Avril. Will keep my eyes open to see if I can spot you wearing them.

  2. Oh my!!! Thank you so much, Katie AND Jess!!! Delighted to have won this.. having a bit of a tough week workwise so this has literally made my week... thank you :)

    Lavinia I definitely will be posting some pictures of this beautiful piece of work so keep your eyes peeled :)



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