Sunday, 20 March 2011

the Kakes Makes to What Katie Found transition

You may have noticed that I mentioned changing my craft name to What Katie Found, so that it would tie in with my blog better, and I also prefer the name :)  Well, the transition has begun!

I have a new Facebook page, which you can find here (Please like me, and suggest to your friends, that would be wonderful!)

I also set up a new Twitter account tonight, followed tonnes of people, only to then be told by someone that you can just change your twitter name - typical!  So, I have now deactivated the new one with hopes that the name I wanted will become available again soon so I can change it.  Did anyone else out there not realise that you can change your name on Twitter?!  I'm sure that on every other website, this cannot be done! 
I have also created a new e-mail address - and created a little button, which you can see over there on the left!

Oh, and I am slowly coming to grips with Etsy.  I have set up my shop, but will not be listing anything just yet.  Probably will be in the next couple of weeks.  Until then, you can still find my Kakes Makes shop over on Folksy.

P.S. While I was transferring a few photographs from my Kakes Makes Facebook page to my new What Katie Found one, I came across this one - it was taken of me with my first ever stall last April :)  It's funny to see how it all began, and how much my crafts have grown in almost a year... onwards and upwards! 


  1. I've just set up an etsy account too and im kind of getting to grips with it. so much to think about. At least you have a lot of people who know about your things tho. Good luck with it tho


  2. i have just started over on etsy too. listed my first item yesterday.
    i created my blog, twitter and etsy all under the same name so people know who you are. i have found it easier that way.
    i hope everything goes well for you :)

  3. Glad to hear the transition is underway, I must prefer the new name and I am sure your little venture will go onto be an even bigger success xx



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