Sunday, 17 April 2011

car boot loot

Phew.  Just listed twenty things on eBay, so then felt that it was ok to photograph some of my car boot finds and write a post!  I haven't got any snaps of my clothing yet, as I'm hoping to get some photographs of me wearing them, hoping that that will look much better than them just being hung onto a hanger!  Right, so off we go...some of these were found last weekend, and some today :)

floral planter - 10p

little deer - 50p
(and he has a family to join!  I'm building up quite a deer army now... )

pink glass dish - 20p
I was really unsure what I would use this for, and then I thought "Ah huh!  Sweets!"  Because everyone has sweets in a bowl in their house right?...

teacup and saucer (and two matching side plates) - £1

a 1966 sewing and knitting magazine - 50p
love the photographs.  love the adverts. love. love. love.

So, that's all for now!  I will definitely get all of the clothing photographed and posted this week (I'm on half term now for two weeks, yippee!)  I also have to make some plans, I need to make the most of having some time off, but not after a well deserved lie in tomorrow morning!

Hope that you all enjoy the rest of your Sunday evening, whatever you're up to (I sincerely hope that it involves eating tons of hot cross buns, yum!)


  1. Loving all this loot :) Especially the little fawns.
    I always get so inspired when I go to a car boot, I think I need to go to one pretty soon since the summer is coming.

  2. what bargains! i really want a sweetie dish now. i bet it would look lovely as an ice-cream dish too! xx

  3. Ahhh, all this stuff made me smile! Car boots are just the best in the world! I love your little flower pot, + the adorable deer's!xxx

  4. Surely everyone must have a sweetie bowl! I've recently upgraded to a sweetie jar x

  5. Love these finds specially the deer... lush!!!!

  6. fab finds, I've been looking for a little deer for aaaages!

  7. What amazing finds! Can't resist a good car boot sale, if only they had more of them here in Australia! x

  8. Teacup and saucer are just gorgeous! :)

  9. Ah I love everything! Particularly the planter, 10p well spent! :)

  10. Everything is so beautiful! I really want to get to a car boot sale and find beautiful things like you did.
    p.s. i love your blog.

  11. These buys are did you get them so cheap???

  12. it's just the joys of a car boot sale! :) x



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