Monday, 25 April 2011


Last Tuesday evening, I was laying in bed, and had an urge to draw.  Luckily for me, I now keep a sketchbook and a biro next to the bed (I love drawing in pen).  That day, I had worn a jumpsuit.  
Out.  In.  Public.  
So, inspired by this brave move on my part, I started to doodle what I had worn that day.  I have said this many, many times before - I'm no illustrator, but I do have good intentions to continue drawing and try to get better.  I continued my little project for five days (I have become slack the past two), and each day, could NOT fit my shoes in the drawing!

I had a lovely Easter weekend, I hope that you all did too!
There will be another post full of stories of my adventures in the next couple of days :)


  1. Kate you so need to do this every day, love love love it! your pics are so cute,and a nice little take on Outfit of the Day. your so damn talented, makes me sick :) x x x

  2. Aaaw, these are lovely!!! I have my eye on your Primark jumpsuit by the way...every time I go in there I pick it up and then chicken out...maybe next time I'll just do it ;o)

    Also, I ordered one of your doily necklaces off Etsy. Can't wait to wear it!!!



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