Saturday, 1 January 2011

Hello 2011...

make a dress

Inspired by Tilly, and the amazing clothing that she has made over the last year, I vow to make a dress for myself this year.  It is something that I have always wanted to do, but have been too scared to attempt.  Similarly to Tilly, I too was a complete beginner to sewing a couple of years ago, and have been teaching myself the odd thing or two along the way (and still have a lot to learn!)  I have a couple of weddings lined up for the summer, so perhaps making myself a dress to wear to these would be a good idea?

knit a scarf

Knitting terrifies my even more than the idea of making a dress.  
My previous attempts have seen me drop stitches all over the place. I think that by starting off with the most basic item is a very good idea...  Maybe I will accompany the scarf with a matching hat and mittens... No, I am getting to far ahead of myself.

hold a stall at a craft fair in London

Bring it on.

go to Alton Towers
...and not stand with all the bags while everyone else goes on the rides.

Ok, a bit of a random one, but I have never been to Alton Towers (despite having lived about an hour away for the past 6 years).  Also, I am pretty much totally terrified of roller coasters, and it is something that I want to overcome.  Not sure I will be ever be ready for Oblivion though...

do more exercise

In total honestly, this has nothing to do with dieting or wanting to lose weight. 
This is completely for myself, mind, body and soul and all the spiritual malarkey :)  I have suffered with anxiety for quite some time, but this year has been particularly difficult.  Exercise and relaxation are good ways to help control feelings of anxiety, and even though I have known this for a while, I have not really put them into practice.  I was attending yoga classes for a while, but winter set in, and as always, it became very difficult to leave the house on these dark, cold evenings!  So this year, I aim to get myself back to these said classes.  
I also really want to run.  Even though when I told my Dad this he said "but you've never been able to run". Cheers Dad!  He's not wrong though, I have a very serious problem with keeping my balance.

get some of my Kakes Makes products into shops

I have had some interest in this area, but it is something that I really need to start looking into properly.  It would be very, very exciting to see some of my makes in some shops :)


I, like my Mum, am a hoarder.   However, over the past year, I have began to get better at getting rid of things that I don't need.  I used to keep the most random and pointless things!  This is something that I need to continue to do.  This also includes getting rid of clothing, jewellery, books etc that are sitting in cupboards and boxes and not being used.  My future is all about being surrounded by things that I really love and cherish :)

go on holiday

We've not had a real holiday for a couple of years, the last was to Paris.  We've been on little trips since, but I really want to go somewhere exciting this year.  To go and see new things and have a mini adventure.  Depending on our financial situation, this could be anything from Germany or Italy, to Iceland or New York.  We shall just have to see what happens...

Have you got any exciting plans for 2011?


  1. Great post, and I am now following Tilly, very inspiring! Good luck with getting your things into shops :) xxxxx

  2. Oh wow, how nice that I've inspired you to sew! I'm so chuffed!

    I feel exactly the same about exercise and relaxation as a way to control anxiety. I'm rubbish at relaxing and often feel totally out of touch with my own body (that's not meant to sound rude), but a few weeks ago I decided to make a concerted effort after I noticed that sometimes I hold my breath without realising it while doing seemingly routine things like washing my hands. I've got a yoga DVD and feel much better now I have a regular stretching routine, and I now know it so well I can do a mini version any time I'm feeling tense. I highly recommend doing that. I'm also currently reading a book called Teach Yourself to Meditate which has simple exercises you can do to clear your head.

    And of course going to Alton Towers is a GREAT resolution. Hurrah!

  3. Hey Katie! I've seen the great things you craft, so I've no doubt that you can make a dress is you put your mind to it. If you join Sew Retro too (if you haven't already that is), people with loads of experience are always happy to offer advice and so's a great blogging community!

    I feel the same as you about roller coasters and have never been to Alton Towers...I don't think I'm quite ready for that this year ;o)

  4. I'm with you on the declutter. Like Mother like Daughter, my Mum hoards everything literally. I go to her house and always end up finding something from my Childhood.
    I on the otherhand am determined to not be quite as much of a hoarder x

  5. Good luck with all your endeavours in 2011. If you want a real adventure there is a really good vintage and arts and crafts scene in Cardiff and you could do a fair here! make it into a road trip :)
    I want to make sure I go to more farmers markets this year and attend more events in my area, get out there a but more you know. Only live once and all that...

  6. This is my first visit to the 'What Katie Found' blog but it definitely won't be my's fantastic! I also follow you and Peter on Twitter so could be carving myself out as a superfan!

    I too have endeavoured to dip my toe into a number of new pools in 2011 but have felt quite anxious and self concious about taking the plunge and really get going but having read your blog I feel truely inspired...I might even try someting crafty!

    Unlike you I have actually been to Alton Towers (but many moons ago now) but my husband hasn't and he has always wanted to go. So inspired by you I am going to take him in never know I might see you there! Ok now I sound like a stalker...calming down.

    On your desire for a holiday...have you thought of Interailing? Depending on what you are looking for it's a great way of seeing Europe and it can be relatively cheap if you don't mind a bit of 'cheap chic' accomodation wise!

    We have 'interailed' as our main holiday for a few years now and have loved every minute. We always take 3 weeks and see where the trains take us! One year we traveled from Helsinki, Finland to Madrid, Spain...what an adventure!

    Can't wait to read how your year unfolds.



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