Saturday, 1 January 2011


Perhaps a little bit late to be sharing some of my favourite Christmas presents, but I have only just got round to photographing them!
Better late than never, right?
Cath Kidston button tin, disguised as a book... crafty.
I've stored my embroidery threads in it instead (what. a. rebel).
The tin and this super cute pin cushion were gifts from my nieces (although I think my sister may have had the inspiration behind buying them, as they are only 2 years old!) 
My sister also made me an amazing apron from some Cath Kidston floral fabric, which I am yet to get a photograph of.  She is a very clever bean :)
Steve brought me the wonderful Frankie calendar and 2011 diary.  They are both jam packed with beautiful illustrations, which I am sure I will find very inspiring throughout the year.  The diary also has a very cute section at the end, where you can list films you want to watch, wine you liked, galleries and blogs. I LOVE IT!

My friend Dora is currently living in Cardiff and sent us this dinky love spoon which we love and have placed on our Christmas tree.  Gifts like this are truly special, because every year when I hang it on our tree, I will always think of Dora and of 2010.  Wonderful!

Steve brought me this cushion from Nikki Made.  Those of you who have been reading my blog for a while may remember me featuring Nikki's lovely things a few months ago, so I am very pleased to have one of these amazing teacake cushions on our sofa :)

Finally, these little wooden deer were actually a gift from myself to Steve as part of his advent.
Cute, huh?


  1. All really very gorgeous things :-) xxx

  2. Ooh gorgeous stuff! That tin is my fav, and the diary is fab too :D

  3. Great presents! I especially love the cushion and the button book box.

  4. Awesome pressies, I just love Cath Kidston goodies :)

  5. your blog is really nice katie, i have been meaning to mention this for a while now.

    i really believe in nice individual tree decorations, rather than an overload of tinsel and gaudy matching baubles. my mum found some GREAT old wooden decorations in a charity shop this year, and we still use the saltdough decorations me and my sister made at school.

    that spoon is truly amazing.

  6. arrrrghhhhh how cute is the button book???! x

  7. Aw such lovely and heartfelt gifts! :) xxx

  8. Oh, love that journal! My brother bought me a nice Cath Kidston one :)
    Happy New Year x

  9. I adore the Cath Kidston tin, very crafty indeed.
    I remember the teacake cushion, I think I would like to own a giant teacake too.

    Lovely presents x

  10. My gosh what amazing pressies! Love the Cath Kidston bits and the teacake cushion (I'm such a fan of those!). The Frankie diary is lovely, I read about the magazine on your blog and have been looking it up, currently trying to figure out how to get my hands on a copy! x

  11. I may have to marry that button book. It's just about the cutest thing in the world!

  12. What an adorable selection of gifts - I'm a huge Cath lover too :) Sally x

  13. That journal is so cute. Love how is has a blog section! And the Love Spoon! I have a few of them that my mum got in the lovespoon shop in the town where my family live. A whole shop of them!
    Love, Emily

  14. Hi Katie, blog award for you :) xxx



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