Thursday, 6 January 2011

pay it forward 2011

I saw this idea this evening on Carla's blog (messy carla), and thought it sounded really very exciting indeed!  So here is what it is all about...

"I promise to make something handmade for the first five people who comment.

They must in turn post this and make something for the first five who comment on their status.
The rules are it has to be handmade by you, and they must receive it before 2011 ends."

Carla has been very brave, and has changed her challenge so that she sends TEN handmade things.  I think I will stick to five for the time being :) I do however think that by the end of 2011 is quite a long time, so I am going to get my handmade lovelies out to my five people by my birthday (11th March).  That's two months away, and it is a date that I will definitely remember!

So, if this sounds like something that you'd like to be a part of:
  • Be one of the first five to comment.
  • Please leave your email address so I can contact you directly.
  • Be sure to repost this to your own blog if you do comment, as that's the whole point of Pay It Forward afterall! :)
I am very, very excited about this!


  1. this sounds like a lot of fun, i'd love to be a part of it! :)
    i've starting making my own stuff again, so maybe when i do it, the people who comment will be the first to view my latest creations! haha.


  2. Sounds like fun! ^_^

  3. What a lovely idea!! I'd love to join in!

  4. Love the idea! Now I'm just wondering what my special handmade gifts will be like :P

    xo, Meg

  5. hi, i'm fairly new to your blog, but i love this idea and i'd love to take part!
    alannarama at gmail dot com

  6. Oh i'm sad I just missed out! Oh well, i'm sure I'll find someone elses to join in :D

  7. I am new to your blog (see Hello 2011 Anonymous post from TheHotSnapper) and I'm not a fellow blogger (yet) but I just love this idea and I think I know how I can get involved if the following is acceptable with you of course?

    I will make something handmade for 5 people I know by the end of June. I will copy and paste the information above to a fancy label and attach it to my handmade something so that they will do the same for 5 people they know...kinda like a chain mail but nicer!

    How does this sound?

  8. That is such a nice idea. Although I haven't been quick enough off the mark for your challenge I think I'm going to do a pay it forward post on my blog.

    Emily x



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