Friday, 31 December 2010

in 2010

I baked

 I finally went camping.  Twice.

I rediscovered my creativity

I missed friends and family.
and realised how important they are to me.

I have accepted that I need to wear more sun cream.
I have thought a lot about my health.
After being diagnosed with having an under active thyroid.
 I have been wearing a lot of Earthy colours.
Which I had previously always avoided, but I now embrace :)
 I have been making our home 'ours'.
I have been out of the city.
I have been looking.
I have been thinking.
I have enjoyed playing word games and going to pub quizzes.
Even though I make silly mistakes.
Janet Jackson, not Janet Jacket...
and most of all, I have tried to enjoy the simple things.
but next year, I will try harder.

Wishing you all a very happy new year full of adventures :)

Many photographs are courtesy of Steve Poxson.


  1. these photos are all wonderful! happy new year x

  2. Beautiful photos, have a wonderful New Year :)x

  3. Lovely photos-wow to the cassette cake and all those cupcakes :D have a lovely new years!

  4. Beautiful post, happy new year xxxxxx

  5. Gorgeous photos! I hope you have a great time celebrated the New Year and that 2011 is even better than the 2010!

  6. Aw I loved this Katie! Happy new year to you lovely! x

  7. I loved reading this! Especially loved that Scrabble made it in! Awesome! xxxx

  8. Happy New Year :)
    The cake stands are so cute, what a great idea. I could probably make one for about £4 but getting plates and glasses from charity shops xx



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