Thursday, 26 August 2010

a place to be creative

I said that I would post some photographs of our new art room as soon as it was finished, and I have now realised that it will most likely never be finished.  This is because I am always adding new things to the rooms in my house.  I don't really understand how some people can decide to decorate a room a certain way, and then go and buy everything for it in one trip.  Anyway, the room is currently as finished as I would like it to be, and more importantly, we can now work in it!

My sewing space
The table and the chair were from a car boot sale for a total of £8, and the cabinets on the left were being thrown away by my parents' next door neighbours.

Steve's first ever attempt at putting up shelves, pretty good eh?  As you can see, my little deer and rabbit painting have found their new home!  The pretty floral wreath was a recent present from my Mum.

I have been meaning to find a place to hang this for a really long time, I made this for an art project that I did with my friend Alison in Skegness last September.  It is a little difficult to read, but the embroidery is the names of the seaside towns that I went on holiday to as a child.  More about this project and other projects that we have worked on together can be found here.  Alison is also part of a company called Left Luggage Theatre, who are certainly worth checking out as they have made some amazing work.
Where did you find those astounding curtains, I hear you cry?  I brought them from Oxfam about a year ago, and they have been in a plastic carrier bag ever since.  The other day, I was staring at the drab curtains which were previously hanging in this room, and I suddenly remembered that I had brought them.They fit the window perfectly, and really brighten up the room.
The beautiful illustrations on the wall are drawn by our wonderfully talented friend Amy Blackwell. Her work is amazing, and her blog is really cute and a great read.

oh, look at my collection of ladybird books lined up so neatly, and the jar of knitting needles waiting patiently for me to learn how to use them.
I especially love 1970's craft books.  1980's knitting books are equally as amazing, I have quite a growing collection of these now. 
Steve recently brought me a book called Lovely things to make for girls of slender means (for a change, this one isn't second hand!)  I thoroughly recommend it for anyone who wants to start crafting, there are some great tips and ideas in there.
Finally, this is what I was up to this morning!  Two new cushions for our new sofa bed.  The rose one on the left is made from a vintage Marks & Spencers pillowcase.  The fabric on the right was brought from eBay - originally I was going to use it to make a dress, but I calculated the quantity wrong, so it will now become numerous cushions and bags!

So, that was a sneak peak at my new favourite place.  We have now reclaimed our living room as a place to relax, without boxes of fabric everywhere and the constant threat of standing on a needle!
I have lots of new product ideas for Kakes Makes, so I'm off to return to my sewing machine!


  1. that boat cushion is amazing! What a wonderful little work space, I hopewhen i have my own place to have a creative room! xx

  2. Those curtains, oh those curtains! Your room is gorgeous, I want to move in right now! xxx

  3. I love this room, it looks so organized and inspiring- a perfect combination really.
    I am in the middle of getting my craft room together, so this is great inspiration.

    And I LOVE books. Especially on display like yours. I used to have that readers digest complete guide to needlework, but I think I let it go to Charity a while back. And the four Ladybird books I own I pretty much treasure, great to see another fan! x

  4. This looks like a great space to create! So neat and organized. I wish mine looked like that, instead it looks like a tornado blew through it!

  5. An amazing way to store needles, why didn't I think of that!



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