Friday, 6 August 2010

1960s Teapot

It has been such a long time since I have posted anything, and there are so many wonderful things that I have found. However, I thought that this beautiful teapot would be a good thing to share with you all for starters!

My Nan has a friend named Freda who lives nearby. She is elderly and has never married or had any children. My Nan tells me that she was once a Nun, lived in France and looked after orphans. I am yet to meet her, but in my opinion, she sounds lovely (despite my Grandads claims that she is a pain!)
Anyway, one day, my Nan was talking to Freda and somewhere in conversation, my Nan told her how I love old fashioned things. Freda then produced two beautiful cake stands (which I promise I will photograph and add to a post asap!) and asked my Nan to pass them on to me. She said that I didn't have to keep them if I didn't want them, but that she had no one else to pass them on to, so if they made me happy she would like me to have them instead of throwing them in the bin. I of course was very happy with them!
A few months passed, and my Nan said that Freda had given her some more things to pass on to me. When I visited my Grandparents, my Nan passed me a bag. Inside was a little note from Freda and a bag and a shoebox. I unwrapped the bag, and inside was the above 1960s teapot. I think it is so beautiful, and because of the history attached to it, I feel I love it even more. I feel somewhat responsible for looking after it now, and hopefully one day I can pass it down to someone else.

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