Thursday, 12 August 2010

Rainy Day Charity Shop Browsing

Today is a typical English summer day. It's raining. I went on a hunt for some pliers and a drill bit this morning so that I can begin experimenting with making some necklaces. I then thought it would be nice to have a browse around some of my favourite charity shops in Leicester. Todays venture was pretty successful! Even my boyfriend found some good bargains! His face lit up when he found a Postal Service 12" for £1.29 and a Sigur Ros DVD for £1.99 in Oxfam. He also purchased a Frank Sinatra Christmas record in Age Concern, I'm looking forward to listening to that while snuggled up in a blanket during the winter months.
I managed to bring home a total of five books, including two more Ladybird books to add to my collection. The first was entitled 'Zoo', which I couldn't resist as it included Giraffes, which my niece is now fascinated with since we took her and her sister to Whipsnade Zoo a few weeks ago. The second was a rather more random choice, 'Baba Jesus'. I'm not great with languages, but it is the story of Jesus, told (I think) in German. My boyfriend questioned my decision to buy this, but it made me giggle so much and it was such a random find, that I just had to have it. I also found a 1980s kids party book for 30p, everything in there reminded me of my own childhood birthday parties, cheese wheels, butterfly cakes and even a ghetto blaster cake. My favourite book purchase of the day was 'The Book of Good Housekeeping' from 1956, sections include Furnishing, Gardening and Entertaining. Here are a few of my favourite pages.

Myself and my boyfriend desperately need to go to a car boot sale, we have so much junk to get rid off and it is all piled up in our spare room. As soon as it's all gone, I am going to turn the room into a studio - I am very excited! My sewing table and chair, fabrics and bits and bobs are all going to migrate upstairs so that we can have our living room back. We are going to buy a sofa bed so that guests have somewhere more comfortable to sleep, and I am going to fill the room with lots of lovely things to make it cosy. It's quite a dark room, so I'm also on the look out for a cute lamp to brighten it up. I have a very specific vision for this room, so I have been buying some odd little kitsch items for it (many of which, my boyfriend does not approve of!).

I couldn't resist this tiny painting of two little rabbits today! Yesterday, I found this similar robin painting in a box that my boyfriend's Mum gave to us, which was full of things that we could sell at the previously mentioned car boot sale. I love birds, so there was no way that this was going anywhere!

Now, I am fully aware that this deer ornament is tacky, but I love it anyway! It was only 75p, and I am already the proud owner of some other rather classy china animals, so she will fit in nicely!

On our return home, we purchased two slices of my favourite cake, Nelson Squares. If you have never heard of such a cake, I have just found a recipe on the Waitrose website here. So here we are inside our little home, sheltered from the rain, and sat down eating our cake with a nice cup of tea!


  1. It`s my first time visiting your lovely blog!
    I enjoyed going through your past fab posts... and enjoyed seeing your handmade creations! You are very artist and clever!And good luck selling them!
    You car boot treasures are fab too!


  2. Hello!

    Thank you very much for your kind words, I'm glad you enjoyed my blog :) x

  3. i very much love the start of this blog entry, it made me chuckle when i read it on my google reader. and i'd be happy if i found all that too, especially the sigur ros! elle x

  4. What amazing finds. Your blog is brilliant. Such cute pictures x

  5. I love that little deer, I have some similar china animals they are adorable. Those Nelson cakes look a bit similar to eccles cakes too.



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