Saturday, 21 August 2010

cross stitch badges

When I was in Norfolk last weekend, I managed to find some Aida cloth (or as I call it, cross stitch fabric).  I have been meaning to buy some for months, but just kept forgetting.  I have always loved cross stitching.  When I was small, my Mum would keep me occupied while she was sewing by drawing  pictures onto paper and adding some holes with a pencil.  Then I would be given a needle and some thread and I would sew around the picture!  I also remember making a cross stitch greetings card when I was in Primary school and was very proud of myself!   
What I have wanted to do for a while, is to experiment with making some cross stitch initial badges.  So, for the past few days I have been sewing in bed, in the passenger seat in the car and in various other places, and here are the results...


I have been making various letters and have used different colours and fonts.  I will be holding a stall at the Leicester Vintage Fair in October, so I am trying to make lots of new items to sell at the moment.  
Just need to get my craft room finished first!


  1. Love your blog! :) Everything you make is gorgeous too, I'll be purchasing something soon I'm sure!

  2. ahh i saw these on Pretty Much Penniless - I loveee them, as i said I love anything with my initial on and S is usually hard to come by (as it sells out fast!)

  3. You're so clever! Thanks for following me . xxx

  4. These are very cute! I'd love to try some cross stitching, maybe some granny flower design for my room x



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