Tuesday, 24 August 2010

edible cakes and felt biscuits

I have been very busy during the past week, which may have contributed to why I have been suffering with the most irritating cold for the past few days!  I spent a lot of last week catching up with family and friends which was really nice.  My parents had a BBQ on Friday evening (I designated myself the role of being in charge of puddings and Pimms).

I made this yummy white chocolate and raspberry cheesecake and some vanilla cupcakes.  I have made these cupcakes many times now, and they never fail - the recipe is from the wonderful Hummingbird Bakery book.

Myself and Steve finally did our car boot sale on Sunday, which was very successful! Afterwards we had not only made money, but we had made space in the house too!  So, we took a little road trip to Ikea yesterday to purchase some things for our new art room.  Everything is looking really good so far, I will post some photographs once everything is finished!

As for today, I have mostly been feeling sorry for myself due to my sniffly nose, sore throat and temperature!  However, to cheer myself up I decided to try out some new felt brooch ideas (please see images below!)

I must say that the jammy dodger is probably one of my favourite things that I have ever made!  Oh, and I was very impressed that I managed to do blanket stitching around the edges - I am constantly forgetting how to do it.

I do hope that I feel better tomorrow so I can get my little art room finished and so that I can go and see Scott Pilgrim Against the World.

I have such a crush on Michael Cera, swoon!


  1. love the felt biscuits!
    sorry you're feeling poorly, get better soon xx
    i think i may agree with you on michael cera! mmm xx

  2. Can't wait for the pictures of your art room, I love those biscuits! xXx

  3. Oh those felted biscuits are so cute!

  4. The felt biscuits are as cute as.
    They look good enough to eat :]




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