Monday, 30 August 2010

doe a deer

This bank holiday weekend has been rather good (despite it being really cold, oh hello Autumn).
On Friday, me and Steve drove to Bradgate park.  We had a toasted sandwich, some coffee cake and a pot of tea in the cafe, and then went for a walk.  There are lots of deer that live in this park, and on this day, they had wandered over very close to the path, so steve managed to get a few close up snaps!  

I felt like a little kid when we stumbled upon an oak tree.
On Saturday morning we ventured to a nearby road for a street sale, but unfortunately it didn't live up to my expectations.  It had so much potential too, it was really cute how the residents set up stalls on their front gardens and driveways, and there was bunting hanging between the trees, connecting the green and the paths.  Steve did manage to purchase this rather awesome 1990s children's camera though!
In the afternoon we drove to Nottingham to go to Nottingham Contemporary.  We went to see a band called Anxieteam, which is formed of two artists, Jim Avignon and Jon Burgerman.  We had such a good night, here's a little taster of what we watched...

As it is a bank holiday weekend, this meant that we got to have two days of wandering around car boot sales!   Here are a few of the bargains I discovered...
I found lots of new beautiful teacups, and this morning I started to make some more candles to sell at the craft and vintage fairs where I will be holding a stall very soon.
I couldn't resist buying this old game, because it was made in Luton (my home town).  I really have no self control in this area, but I always feel compelled to buy anything that has something to do with Luton or Bedfordshire.  I have an amazing old map of Bedfordshire, which I would like to one day find a frame for.
I LOVE this!  This large brown bag was only 50p, what a bargain.
I just can't explain why I had to have these cat cushions!  What first tempted me, was that my friend Tate has one, and whenever I go to her house I ALWAYS say how much I love it!  £1 for all 3?  Oh, go on then!
Last night I began to make my first ever quilt!  I have always wanted to make one, and now seems like a good time as it's getting chilly already.  Even though we love our home because it is quirky and old, unfortunately with old houses you are also lumbered with single glazed windows and terrible heating, brr!  I think the quilt will take me a while to complete, even though it's a very basic design, I will post some photographs when it is finished!
I have been looking for a diary for weeks, and all I could find were boring and overpriced ones, or ones aimed at teenagers.  So today I decided to buy a boring one, and cover it in some of my amazing circus tents fabric!  I could have done a better job really, but for my first attempt it's not too bad I suppose!


To finish, you should all take a look at How's your weekend? Some of Steves polaroid photographs from our trip to Norfolk were chosen to feature on it yesterday!


  1. Love your diary & those teacup candles. I'm going to attempt to make some of my own soon xXx

  2. Katie! thank you for the congrats :) I love the things you found! The brown bag is great and the teacups! So lovely :)

    I also wanted to say thank you for the things you sent me, they were so lovely! The polaroid brooch is amazing! xxx

  3. I love the cat cushions probably because I'm a cat person, but I totally get the need to have these!
    Lovely books too x

  4. Katie, I LOVE those cat cushions. I'm so jealous: I wantwantwant.

    And speaking of want - I want one of your scrabble tiles brooches too!




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