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deer little fawn giveaway

I am really excited to be able to present you with this utterly amazing and cute giveaway!
As my blog has incredibly recently reached over 300 followers and almost 600 of you follow me on twitter, I thought that a giveaway was well deserved to say a massive thank you for your continued reading!
I thought that it would be really great to be able to give away something handmade by one of the amazing crafters that I admire, and Beth of Deer Little Fawn immediately sprung to mind.  Beth not only makes the most beautiful jewellery, but is also has a gift of finding the most wonderful thrifty items that you could ever feast your eyes upon!  This is all showcased on her blog, alongside lots of pretty things that she photographs, outfit posts, the homewares and stationary that she lusts after and much much more!  Her blog is definitely one of my favourite reads :)

just a few of Beths beautiful makes!
Before I reveal the item that Beth has very generously donated for this giveaway, here is a little more about this creative lady!

1.Who or what inspires you?
So many things! For the who, I'd say my two sisters and mother inspire me quite a lot because they are all very crafty and artistic. Also I find many bloggers inspiring it's great to see so many talented ladies (and gents) out there doing their thing. In general I'm inspired by people who do their own thing and don't worry about what others think they should be doing and people who have an unapologetic passion for their chosen subject. As for the what, a lot of my inspiration probably comes from my childhood, I grew up in the countryside and nature seems to be a reccuring theme in my crafts, also after spending many years around flea markets and antique shops (the family trade) I also get quite a lot of inspiration from old things and odd little trinkets.

2.What three things could you not live without?
I'll go with superficial things for this: a laptop (sad but true), a camera, and coffee/cake breaks ;)

3.You always have such beautiful photographs on your blog, what camera do you use?
Aw thanks! That's really nice of you to say. Well, I'm still working on my photography and I have so much to learn, but I get a lot of enjoyment out of taking photos and so for me that's the main thing, one of my aims for this year was to take more photographs and so far that's going well. I use a Nikon 40x DSLR which I bought second hand at the end of last year, it's my first DSLR and I'm still getting to grips with it, it's so much fun though. When I started my blog I used a Sony Cybershot t2, but it broke and now I'm hoping to get another smaller camera again as ideally I like having a camera in my bag at all times but with the bigger one it's not as possible for me.

4.Are there any crafts that you would like to try out?
There are so many, I flit from craft to craft often. I used to crochet a lot before the embroidery kicked in. I paint and draw a lot and other crafts I've had brief flings with in the past are metal jewellery work, stone setting and ceramics. I'd love to be able to knit but that's just not going to happen, I've accepted I'm not a knitter despite many (many!) attempts. I've always wanted to have a play around with using resin in crafts at some point and would also love to investigate some forms of print making. There's a pretty limitless list of crafts I would like to try out at some point.

5.How long do you pretty embroidered necklaces take to complete?
It depends and varies quite a lot. I don't use a pattern, so I start out by sketching up some tiny designs, this usually doesn't take me very long (and I often do them when out and about, I always carry a notebook so I can sketch ideas when they come to me). The actual embroidery can take anywhere between 15 mins for a simple design to an hour plus for the more detailed pieces. Then making them into necklaces can take quite a while as it's fiddly.

6.Can you describe your perfect day?
I don't think I've ever been asked this before so I had to have a think about it. Firstly it would be sunny and dry, but not too hot, (warm enough to sit outside but not so hot that I look rubbish all day, I don't do well in heat!) I'd wake up with no alarm (or annoying street noise), have a lazy coffee and breakfast, maybe a day out to somewhere pretty or fun with people I like spending time with, this would also have to include some kind of good snack indulgences.

7.What is your favourite thrifty find?
Oh wow, this is a hard one, a very large percentage of the things I own have been thrifted. I really can't pick from all the knicknack things. Close to the top would be my big yellow samsonite bag that I lug around often.

8.How would you describe your style in five words?
I asked someone and they said "crafty, sassy, vintage, trendy, classic", which was nice! I'd question the trendy though, I'd probably replace that with "random".

9.Do you have any favourite places, blogs, shops or anything else that you could share with the readers of What Katie Found?

Some blogs I love off the top of my head are Bonita Bon Bons, The Littlest Polly, The Cookie Button, Pixie Mama, A Piece of Lisa, My Best Friend Jules, Nothing happens Unless We Dream, Little Owl lucky, One with the Birds, The Crimson Owl, .. I really could go on and on, but to sum up I'd highly recommend checking out all of the blogs I've got listed on my "Blog love" page.
If anyone's in or visiting Brighton then I'd recommend Angel Food Bakery (amazing cupcakes), Scoop and Crumb (icecream and sorbet), Lick (frozen yogurt).. Yay for sweet treat!

So here it is, the moment that you have all been waiting for, this is the super cute embroidered rabbit necklace that you, yes you, could be the proud wearer of!

To enter:

Please be a follow of both What Katie Found and Deer Little Fawn through either GFC, Twitter or Blog Lovin'.

For an extra entry, follow both What Katie Found and Deer Little Fawn on Twitter.

Then simply leave a comment on this post informing me of whether you are following our blogs/Twitter or both and remember to include your e-mail address so that I can contact you if you are the lucky winner :)

Entry closes on Wednesday 20th July 2011 at 9pm, and a winner will be chosen and notified the following day.  Entry is open to international readers as well as to those of you in the UK.

See more splendid and pretty things in Deer Little Fawn's Etsy and Big Cartel shops.


  1. I'd like to enter please! Following both on Bloglovin'

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  2. Great post! I love reading about creative ladies!
    And thank you so much Beth for listing my blog!
    I love Beths work!
    I follow both your blogs!

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    Jilly x

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  7. I love love love Beth's necklaces, they are the cutest ^_^
    I am a proud follower of both you and Beth on here, bloglovin and twitter.

  8. so cute! i'm following both blogs on GFC

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  13. Hello! I am a new reader! and love Deer Little Fawn's necklaces. she is so darn talented.

  14. I love bunnies!

    Following both via GFC :)

  15. Oh how wonderful ... congratulations on so many lovely readers.
    I adore all the Deer Little Fawn goodies ... oh and I follow both of you on twitter! :)

  16. I already follow DLF, and would be so excited to win something made by Beth. I am now folowing you.

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  18. Uhooi,,
    It works pretty good and creative,,

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  20. This is so cute!
    I follow both on Twitter and your blogs!

    Have a nice day! xo, Nina <3

  21. I am a follower of both blogs, and on twitter.

    I love this interview and, of course, the super-cute necklace so please enter me!

    rosaliliumblog at gmail dot com

  22. Such cute necklaces! Following your lovely blogs :) xx

  23. I follow both of your adorable blogs! You guys are such cool and crafty ladies!

  24. ... Oh yes, and I also follow you both on Twitter (@hazelandmare)!

    Thanks for this sweet giveaway, and I'm really looking forward to reading more of your posts!

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  27. Hello
    Been following you on Twitter for a while and have glad to have now found Deer Little Fawn too. Would be ace to win something from another hand-maker.

  28. Oh....that is the cutest bunny ever!! I follow you on twitter and now Deer Little Fawn too! Gorgeous stuff.
    If I do win...I'll wear it proud as a tribute to the Uvic Rabbits!
    my email is cedre (at) rocketmail (dot) com

  29. Hello I follow both on Bloglovin and Twitter,my email address is

  30. Absolutely ADORABLEEEEEE necklace!
    And, I follow both twitter's & blogsssss.

    Got my fingers crossed!

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  32. What gorgeous, gorgeous jewellery! Enter me please!

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  36. I am following both blogs and both of you on twitter, such sweet little items perfect for special presents. I sale UK made greetings cards so always on the look out for little gifts :)



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